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  1. pedropete91

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    hey i have a 66c motorised bike with a 36 tooth sprocket it goes fairly good was just wondering about the spark plug gap what should it be set to and can i get any more proformance out of it?

  2. Al.Fisherman

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    .025 -.030. If you haven't, replace the plug with a NGK, the lead and the cap. Really there is nothing that you can do with these engines to produce more power if left stock.
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  3. Fabian

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    The Rock Solid Engines, Billet CNC Reed Valve Intake will most certainly build noticeably more low and midrange torque, even with a standard engine, though a jetting change is necessary to optimise the combination.

    I can highly recommend the reed valve intake, plus it makes the engine significantly quieter. I was sick and tired of the overly loud intake noise so i'm happy with the reed valve intake just for it's ability to make things more pleasant on the ears.

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    no worries cheers and yeah i have upgraded my lead to a 8mm ngk and spark plug ngk b6hs