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  1. mick64

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    This is my first thread on this web site so I hope you guys can help. First how long does 2stroke fuel store for ( if not using your bike ) . Second what is the best fuel mixture they have advised me to run it at 20/1 is this OK

  2. Pablo

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    Fuel with ethanol (most all gas in USA) - 2 months and it starts to get funky. Some people will report longer storage, I don't doubt them, but I've had some that barely lasted a month. You are on to something - FRESH is always best. If you go beyond, say 3 months, just dump it in the car.

    As for ratios - there are a brazilian posts on fuel mix ratios - I just suggest you search them out.

  3. Skyliner70cc

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    If you mix a gallon or two and put stabil in it, it should easily last 3 months. My current 3 bikes are stored with a full tank of gas for the winter. I've had no problems with the fuel when it warms up in the spring and I start riding again. Stabil at a double dose is great!
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    I only mix 1 gallon at a time that way I use it before it goes bad.
    also use a plastic gas can with a good fitting cap.
  5. Pablo

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    Fuel stabilizers help no doubt - not all are friendly with all oils. The suck thing is finding out fuel has gone bad the hard way.
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    Believe it or not, I just got the leaf blower out, filled it up with 40:1 mix from last fall and it fired on the third pull- runs great. I read somewhere that decent 2 stroke oils have a stabilizer included, but don't take my word for it.
  7. Fabian

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    Your engine will have a long and happy life if you run it at 20:1 and use the highest octane (non alcohol fortified) fuel, together with keeping engine revs below 3500 rpm.
    Mix only as much fuel as you need for a 2 week supply.

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  8. Pablo

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    I've had fuel go stringy and awful in 60 days or so - but didn't know it until I was on the way to the store - putted home missing like a banshee. Thank goodness after I swapped in a new plug and drained the tank and bowl the engine cleaned right up.

    But to be fair I'm forever making weird blends and stuff with castor oil, heating fuel additives, odorants, etc....so far with pretty good success in my engines, but sometimes I forget what's in this or that fuel can! I'm making up a labeling system.:detective:
  9. Skyliner70cc

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    Pablo, did it go stringy in the fuel container or in the carb float bowl? I've actually never had 2 stroke fuel go bad on me and was wondering how you knew it was bad. I've had gummed up 4 stroke carbs before on snowblowers that sat around for a long time in storage.

    BTW, I've got 11 gallons of 20% nitromethane glow fuel for rc engines that I bought 9 years ago for 7.25/gallon direct from the manufacturer. The local hobby shops sell it for 19 bucks/gallon. It still works and I pulled out a gallon from storage for my nephew who got an rc 4x4 for his birthday.
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  11. Fabian

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    Hi Skyliner70cc

    You guys get it real good in the U.S. - everything is reasonably priced over there.
    In Australia, we are paying $50 to $60 per gallon for 20% Nitomethane RC glow fuel.

  12. Pablo

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    By stringy I mean how it burns and makes stringy shorts fouling the plug. The fuel looked perfectly OK. I made a fresh fuel batch of the exact same mixture and it went through the can no problem.

    The guys who run into ethanol problems are the pro chainsaw guys.