3/16" fuel line and filter fix

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by graucho, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. graucho

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    I think this will help some people.... if your having fit problems.

    On my HT and all of my mini chopper builds i run into the nipples (carb/tank) being slightly smaller than the 1/4" fuel line.
    This causes the fuel line to fit sloppy (loose) and your totally relying one the clamp to keep it snug. Sometimes seeping.

    I have found that if you use 3/16 fuel line and filter that the lines fit perfectly snug on the nipples. (many times without a clamp)
    9 times out of 10 you cannot find them at any local stores. You can find them at snowmobile shops, but they are
    spendy. 5 years ago I tried good ol' e-bay and there was only 1 supplier of 3/16 supplies. But now there are plenty
    of people selling them at very reasonable prices._________Maybe in your area's you can find then in the store, but 3/16" has
    been the cats meow for my many applications.

    If all connections fit great on your bike, leave it alone! :cool: This is just a tip for sloppy lines/fittings.

    3/16 Fuel line.... http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_dm...=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+filter&_osacat=0

    3/16 Filters.... http://shop.ebay.com/items/?_nkw=3/...id=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+line&_osacat=0

    3/16 Clamps... http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_dm...=m270.l1313&_odkw=3/16"+fuel+filter&_osacat=0

    Some vendors sell all three, but you have to do the homework. graucho:detective:

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  2. fetor56

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    Strangely enough i've grown to like the standard HT fuel hose....it may be cheap but it's internal diameter expands considerably for ill-fitting jobs.
  3. srdavo

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    I like the 1/4" black fuel line... I use black zipties as hose-clamps.
    my 2 cents... no charge.... :grin5:
  4. I also use the Black zipties on everything...
  5. terrence

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    Thanks you may have fixed a yearly pain I have with my 20 year old moped. I didnt realize they made them smaller that 1/4". Silly me.