3.5 motor power transfer ideas


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11:23 PM
May 25, 2008
I just got donated a 3.5 hp edger motor, and I am looking for the best way to transfer power to the back wheel. I have noticed some using a belt, but where or how did you get the back rim with a pulley ? Any helpful websites for dummies? Also, I am going to modify a hardtail magna electroshock frame to accept the engine. Looking for the boardtracker look ! Your motorized bikes are truly inspiring ! Thanks Topcat
You could build a trailer for your 3.5HP engine to push your bike. Use a belt or a chain with a centrifugal clutch to drive the trailer wheel(s).
Maybe you could buy just the drive ring from Whizzer or GEBE? The GEBE would likely be the best fit. I'm only guessing, but it would seem likely that these items could be bought by themselves.
Its a horizontal shaft. really too long, but I'm going to try a tranny, or an extra shaft to bring the drive in line with the rear wheel. Also looking to lengthen the frame ahead of the seat down tube. May also try a 45' bend galvanized elbow to join the lower fork area to the pedal area. Got some thick tubing on hand.:)