3.5hp briggs oopsie--help


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8:14 PM
Jan 5, 2020
Pony up for a new carb, shouldn't be too much, then you will be able to grin again.
That's pretty easy to say until you have an older B&S flat head with not many options. I already suggested that back in post #15.


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Sep 27, 2022
I believe you have 2 solutions: clean or replace the gas pickup OR better yet spend $120 at Harbor Freight for a new 79cc OHV engine. Those old flatheads are junk.


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Dec 18, 2021
Lancaster Motor Speedway SC
im sorry to tell you but you are wrong. i had one blow the oil plug out on a ride, and i ran it for 10+ min with little to no oil. it ran just fine. i have lost no compression, and there is no main bearing, or rod bearing damage at all. there is no damage to the lifters, and no metal shavings in the case. we had a flathead briggs, and 8hp IC on a chipper, that has a few thousand eons on it, and has 0 blowby, and doesnt get maintenenced, and gets rained on all the time. it still ran the day the chipper was sold. like new. you clearly dont know anything about anything flathead. those 79ccs may be nice in the short term, but they will never last, the hours, or take the abuse of a flathead. i have seen those 79ccs, come apart, a few times. flywheel mags, rods. everything/anything. they are like tecumseh. we have an old 3.5hp briggs flathead mower, that is tied at wot, to allow mowing tall/heavy weeds. it was used for 10+ years, and still runs. the only reason it was put to pasture, was a bigger mower was obtained.
how many flatheads have you ever seen. how many times have you touched a small engine. have you had a flathead briggs apart next to a gx200? a tecumseh? how many HFT engines have you seen?