Stolen 3 bike stolen in the last week in Tucson

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  1. 3 bikes I built were stolen in the last week. My son's 7 speed jackshafted kent comfort crusier (Proto) It has a light kit and Teny black mags. Taken 7/31/11.
    My friend's 7 speed jackshafted MTB 1800 (Blacky) and his silver basic crusier were taken over the weekend 8/6-8/7 not sure when. pics attacched please (Silver) keep an eye out. I am offering a reward for their safe return.

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    I'm sorry to hear about this loss. I hope the bikes show up in good shape.

    For lessons learned for other builders: I placed multiple label-maker labels on my bikes in easy-to-see places with a phone number and "$100 reward for return". If the labels start peeling, I will take a permanent felt-tip marker and print the same info.

    In the meantime, TWO heavy braided cables lock up each bike.

    Security techniques do not look appealing, but in this world, you have to put some money and effort into securing your property. I have not done it (yet) but I have been eyeing purpose-built transceivers that can be located via GPS satellites. The unit will stay on the bike at all times, camouflaged as to what it really is.