3 days to my door!

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    pirate1 came trough fast, he was pleasant on the phone and i ordered online. Got a track number and in 3days its here....
    now do I use the stock sprocket or go 27or31? With a 27t will i need more chain? the 44t and small tire are not a good choice...occ stingray
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  2. professor

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    The smaller sprocket needs less chain. Can't answer the other question.
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    3 days to my door

    You won't get much top end speed with the 44t but you will be able to handle some hills, the other sprockets will give you higher speeds but you lose pulling power. I can't answer your question either. Personally, I'd go with the stock and see how you like it, you can always change the sprocket. I went with a shift kit and added a 5 speed set up to my Stingray, no problem getting speed and pulling power. The stingray is a definite challenge no matter how you go. Good luck with your build. Woody