3 more Tanaka's

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Racie35, Nov 16, 2012.

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    okay...mine are sold but my son has 3......one a complete 47R with everything.
    2 tanaka 47's (not the "R") and heres the deal on them.....one has a broken lug for the exhaust but comes with another cylinder so yould have to swap it out....theres one carb and a boost bottle with them...no recoil starter......all in good shape and he says really someone should get the 2 as a pair to have a complete and nearly entire spare....
    so together for the 2 47's $200
    and the 47R $200
    any questions call me and i'll try to answer them.....Bruce 860-857-7896c

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    okay...I am having probs getting my pics on here but i'll email or text them to those interested..one buyer backed out....as of now $300 for everything....all 3 motors and parts.......shipping extra
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    IMAG0133.jpg IMAG0129.jpg I think I got it now