3 Speed Build, Not Much Torque


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Feb 3, 2008
As a few of you have been following, Jon (Sheik) and I just did our first builds. Jon's was a single speed and mine was a 3 speed. We removed the pin and lever from the 3 speed hub so it would become a single speed essentially. Removing this placed the gearing at its hardest setting. We finished my build the other day, and after a few days riding, it doesn't seem to have as much torque as Jon's single speed does, especially up hills. Is it because of the gearing that is now disabled on my 3 speed? If you guys have ANY input/opinions on my three speed it would be awesome. I saw the previous thread on 3 speed installation but it quickly moved into 7/8 speed bikes.

This is an "80"cc Happy Time motor from BoyGoFast

From the pics Jon posted in the other thread, it didn't look like you had any special hub with internal gearing. What type of rim/hub is this?
Here are some pics so you guys can get a better idea. The lever and pin in the second pic is what we removed to make it a single speed.


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The piece you being held in the pic is the gear selector for the internal geared hub....If removing it puts the hub in the high gear, it will make the pedaling difficult for the rider NOT the engine because the engine's drive sprocket to bolted directly to the wheel itself via the 9 hole sprocket mount.

If your engine is down on power compared to the other bike it could be any number of reasons but NOT the fact that the hub itself is now in high gear....well unless the hub itself is bad and creating internal friction....

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help, Andy. If I wanted to return the gearing to the easiest setting, would I just put the pin back in and tighten that lever/arm thing around the bolt?


I am not sure exactly which hub you are using but the selector needs to be in a specific position to select the various gears.....Do you still have the controller for the unit? If you do you can hook everything up per stock settings and be good to go (can probably find your hubs set up instructions online....If not, It may be as simple as re-connecting the part that connects into the hub that allows the changes in the first place and making "manual" adjustments (pulling the mechanism via the cable with a pair of pliers or vice grips until you "find" the low gear.....I don't think it is under spring pressure but if it is I suppose you could rig up some mechanism to hold it in the place where it needs to be to stay in the selected gear....Not an elegant solution but functional none the less.....at least for 1 gear at a time.

Hope this helps you.

Andy, Jon and I rigged up a spacer to keep the gearing in the easiest setting and it seems to be working fine. As for the torque, I cut the baffle out of the muffler and made a new gasket for the exhaust and it is running much better! Thanks for your help guys. Unfortunately, one of my engine mounting bolts sheared off inside the engine block and I'm going to have to use EZ out to remove it. I'm gonna replace all the hardware with some decent American made stuff. I swear, I had a 50/50 chance to pick a motor from the two we order, and Jon got the good one. . . .