3 Speed Internal Hub Autoshift

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    If you want to have multiple gears with a shiftkit but stay legal this could be the set up for you. Mr. Kilduff will also sell the shifter by itself as well. He said you can adjust what speed you want the gears to change at. There is a beauty cover for it as well. This is his number 818-789-9293
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    none of those links are proper
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    The one posted now worked for me. That's pretty slick. How much does he want for the shifter?

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    Got it right now. I was told $80 for just the shifter.
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  6. LR Jerry

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    Got it right now. I was told $80 for just the shifter.
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    I like his idea - simple. However, how about using a vacuum actuator rod with a vacuum port on the HT/China Girl intake as your source of vacuum.

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    Another brilliant guy in our midst.
    Looks like he is using an automatic transmission governor to do the twirling and pulling.
    His brake idea is great- using the pull on the coaster brake lever (that is free but limited) to pull the V brake.
    Only issue I see is the rear rim must be kept true for the little wheel to ride on constantly.
    Really, I am impressed.
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    In the near future I'd like to build another autoshift bike. My 5 speed LandRider works great. For my next build I want to use this system on a cruiser bike.
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    LR, or anyone. Do we have any history with shifting these IGH's under constant electric or gas engine power? Even with an autoshift our pedaling cadence provides natural low torque periods for shifting.
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    Hello LR;

    Certainly agree with you on your current setup. Anyone watching your U tube can see how well that works. But it seems to me that a derailleur/chain tensioner system provides for natural, smooth, shift changes. As long as you can drag your chain back and forth their wouldn't be any big shocks. Just the small snap of the leading chain link (the last free link in tension) moving to the new sprocket. I don't see how an IGH could shift so smoothly under constant, hard chain pull. But this might just be my ignorance of detailed IGH operation.
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    Before I made any videos, I'd say that I've been riding my bike for over two years in post and treads. Almost always someone would post my set up wouldn't work shifting under load and I was going to have problems. Obviously they missed the part where I said I've been riding the bike for over two years.

    I know of several people who've used internal hubs. But using a motorized autoshift IGH system would be something totally new. With new things its a gamble if it works. Most places state you must have an automatic transmission. This means no manual clutching or manual gear shifting. With these autoshift systems you'll have multiple gears but still be legal.
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    Nice video, Jerry. Great setup! Just one thing. You need more protection! A fall @ 28mph will result in major road rash to your bare arms and a collapsed bike helmet. A fall going downhill @ 45mph would be horrific. Just saying for your own protection. I ride 6 miles to work, using motorcycle helmet, dirtbike chest protector, knee/shin guards, elbow/forearm guards, dirt bike gloves and Red Wing work boots. Top speed on the ride is 33mph, but usually riding @ 20mph. Be safe, Jerry. Nice bike with cool autoshifter!