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    Hello and happy holidays, i just dug up an old 3 speed hub and wheel in excellant shape, thnking of switching out with the 10 speed setup. I read somewhere that hub wont holdup with a MB, dont understand why, not going to use gears while riding the bike, any one have any info on this, would love to get rid of all the 10 speed cables, and im bidding on a 3 speed stick shift to top it off. Any info on this sturmy archer hub off an old raleigh, would be welcome. Thanks and happy holiday. Chopper

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    we've used a 3-speed coaster with a GEBE drivetrain...no problem with the hub, just follow proper shifting/pedaling procedure...the problem was the 14G wheel it was laced to, and i suspect that'll be your weak link too unless your wheel has 12G spokes.
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    My first 3 speed Simano hub (SA copy) lasted 6500km and only broke because the chain jumped off and locked the hub under full power (gx31) riding off road and broke the 1.gear pawls but i could carry on in 2. and 3. gear....

    The 2. Shimano hub lasted 5000km and then the same happened.
    Now i am using a 3 speed Sturmer Archer hub and it has lasted 4000km with no problems.

    The shimano hub i liked better because it would work perfectly with the Front Derailer shifter in all 3 gears AND didn't need fiddly and exact adjustment to run well while the SA only works with the Front Derailer shifter in 2. and 3. gear, and 1. gear i need to hold in.

    Any slight misadjustment in the SA and it jumps out of 2. gear.

    They are not to tricky to pull apart ones you manage to do it ones and you can find instruction for that on the net ('Hubstripping' is one good site).

    Even better if you got 2 hubs and can check on the spare one when you 'loose your way' AND if you need new pawls, which is the part that brakes.

    Pulling yours apart is recommended to make sure it has good and new grease in it, for checking the condition of pawls, for rust etc. and for feeling confident when it does need pulling apart when something goes wrong.

    There is a way to put sprockets from a 7, 8 cassette onto the hubs...it needs a couple of notched ground off and a shim added...
    Common sense and slightly modified parts from a spare cassette will solve those problems.

    Have fun
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    3 speed

    thnx for the info, good news i guess, any idea how much and what type of oil goes into the oil fill hole on hub? thnx again Chopper
  5. alexander

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    no idea what oil goes in there....i put good grease in my hub after i pulled them apart....lasts longer....check 'hubstripping' website out....otherwise....put lots of gearbox oil in..slosh around...let excess oil drain out of hole....do frequently especially if riding in rain...
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    THnx for all the info, just relized another problem, ordered tires for the 3 speed , to find out they dont fit, i guess a different measure system on the old Raleigh rims. 26x 1 3/8 Raleigh rim is 24 inches across, were as to 26 inch cruiser rims are approx. 22 across. Another set back, i guess i will have to make a trip to the local bike shop and get ripped off. Any help on this would be appreciated. thnx Chopper joe
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    hi joe...you have a "fractional" size tire & wheel there...browse the tire-forum to learn more. two things come to mind: 1-your tire choices are few and 2-(based on my experiences with old schwinn, raleigh, murry, huffy) the wheel most likely won't hold up to motorvatin' for long, unless as i mentioned it has heavy duty 12G spokes. sorry if this isn't what you wanna hear, i love using retro parts myself whenever i can...your stick-shift remark brought back cool memories of stingrays and spyders :cool2:
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    3 speed with stick shift

    hello augidog and happy holiday, im kinda rethinking the whole idea of using the old 3 speed sturmy, still waiting on the stick shift via mail, im thinking of putting the set together and selling on ebay, would be a nice pair, 2 vintage parts in 1 package deal that are compatable. Not the first that i heard it might not work to well with a MB. Im sure someone out there can use it, will post some pics after i get it together. thnx for the info. chopper Joe
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    well put the hub on e bay for $25, hope thats a fair price, trigger shifter and wheel guide included, did not want to search for the proper tire size, since front rim is a schwinn. Would of been nice though. Was able to use the small stick shift i ordered, mounted on top frame rail just ahead of the seat, looks cool and able to shift all rear gears. Will post some pics when i can. Chopper Joe
  10. chopperjoe

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    well decided to incorporate the shifter onto the bike, got rid of all the handlebar shift cables, and took out front derauler. Heck of alot cleaner,now to find a single gear front sprocket, to make it an official 5 speed. Man this MB is becoming a bigger mutt everyday. Chopper joe

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