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Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by eltatertoto, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. eltatertoto

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    i have 3 vids the begining of the 1st i am most proud of, but the sound is off when i ride it go figure, but for the 2nd &3rd i got a new cam

    2nd person view

    the ride home


    by the way i dont know what the always wear protection was about lmao oh yea the comment about runninto things.... i have been really light headed latley...... go figure lol thats why in the 3rd vid i kept showing you the ground... this is a vid of my 80cc 70s murray bike with differant handlebars and a vid of my rare videotaped sears mininike from the mid 70s ps ive resolved all my issues with augidog _thanks augi
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  2. azbill

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    we need an intro