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  1. I'm kinda thinkin about makin a 3 wheel center drive push trailer inside one of them plastic truck tool box ya get at wall mart bottom cut out of the box to hide it all in.

    My idea is to make a shaft to mount 2-26" thin tires on the outside and a nice wide 26" rear back tire in the middle for the drive...hopefully being wider will make the thing push straight.

    One obstacle is the trailer hitch I'd really like it to be ball type I have a 1.5" ball don't know where to get a receiver that size probably have to just make one.

    I'm not wanting to make this thing fast at all likely put a 50-60 tooth sprocket on it for a drive.

    I expect this idea will get shot down which is ok I'd rather know the futility LOL! BUT if it works you could easily mount a bench seat on top of it and haul little kids on it (buckled in again very slow speed)...do a light weight hot shot delivery maybe?

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    George, sorry to be the first one to "shoot this down" :rolleyes7:

    I can see a major problem with a 3 wheel pusher right now - turning!
    With the 2 wheels in front on a fixed shaft you would constantly be trying to "drag" the two front wheels of it sideways when turning. This would be **** even when going slow, and down right dangerous at any speed. There would be the chance of you flipping the pusher over and turning it into a boat anchor while cornering, not good :goofy:

    This would be doable if the 2 front wheels on the pusher could turn (ie hitch going from bike welded on to center of pusher front axle, mounted so it can turn).

    Sorry if I misunderstood and that's how you intended to do it.

    Maybe post a picture so we all know what exactly you have in mind, even a 5 minute MSpaint drawing would be helpful.

    Dilly Bar Rob
  3. I hear ya I planned on some sort of swivel action on the hitch but I am rethinking the whole deal...I also thought about running higher pressure on the center tire and lower pressure on the outer ones but I think I'm gonna do this different and keep the drive on the bike. I have 2 of the largest truck storage boxes wal mart sells I think I'm gonna join em end to end and mount two wheels in the center. For a hitch I cut off 1 arm of a lawn mower handle that'll bolt onto the axle and sleeve it with automotive heater hose tacking it down to the bottom of the front box to pull with I can also insert some high grade garden hose inside the heater hose coated with rtv to firm it up even more but it'll still bend for turning I'll take pics I think it's gonna look cool when I get done and haul all my camping gear!
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    Thinking that the three wheel geometry, if the leading wheel is not set dead straight, will always be leading to a veering off position and not following true behind your bicycle.

    Could be a safety concern as it could lead off to one side as you ride!
  5. The 3 wheel idea was to put all 3 wheels on one rod not in a triangle with the outer wheels the skinny type and the inner one a wide mountain bike tire with high air pressure on the center tire lower air pressure on the outer ones.
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    The center wheel would be the only driven wheel, with the remaining two as 'idlers' then? (Like oversized training wheels... ) The only problem I see with this approach is that, if the ground isn't level, you'll run into difficulties. If you run over a pothole, the wheel will spin; if you run over a bump, the outer wheels will be lifted. You could use some sort of spring-loaded suspension on the drive wheel, I suppose.

    If all three are driven from a solid axle though, (without some sort of differential,) when turning corners, the inner wheel would be moving too fast and the outer wheel moving too 'slow.' Both would be 'scrubbing'
  7. I figured it was a bad idea after giving it a little thought but the long trailer idea I think is a good one.