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    Yes, I have been reading and studying and learning from this forum for a few years, dreaming of doing the MB thing. Finally doing it now. Just received my Roadbug/BMP kit, ready to assemble it... have questions about engines, that I will post in the correct forum.

    I generally like to tinker and build everything myself, which is one reason it took me 3 years to do this. But family needs (daughter trying to finish college) meant I had to give up a few things, like my garage space and tools. So I finally gave up on the home-build idea and bought a kit, just to get me on the road!

    Planning to do some camping and eventually some long-distance touring on my MB. I gave up my car last fall, and have lived entirely on pedal power for the last 9 months, so an engine will probably make me feel spoiled. Looking forward to it!

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    Where in AZ are you oceanboy?
    My shops in North Central Phoenix (Sunnyslope).
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