3000watt+ rear hub motor?

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    hey would anyone be able to help me out sourcing a high wattage rear hub motor? im looking at around 3000watts, preferably a full kit with the LiFe battery, controller and throttle, but at this stage im just looking so i want to know whats out there, interested in anything up to 5000watts(or above haha, skys the limit!), but not below 1000watts.
    cant seem to find much information on the crystalyte motors that were once the gold standard, whats current in the world of hub motors?
    thanx :bowdown:

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    Why 3,000 to 5,000 watts when that is way overkill and most likely way overpriced???

    A nice 1,000 watter would do you fine
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    Depends on what you need to accomplish.

    Is this for 3000w sustained power while hill climbing ? or just a hard pull of the line type acceleration peak power thing ?

    how much do you weigh, how fast do you want to go and what type of terrain/riding do you intend to do ?
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    im about 95kg, i intend this bike to be an all purpose, all terrain machine, top speed isnt a sticking point, 30mile would be sufficient, but 50m if possible, id rather have the torque than the speed, being able to climb hills is a must, i intend to use it both offroad and on.
    basically im looking for a cheaper alternative to these

    since i made this thread ive found this

    but im still looking to find more suppliers.
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    The stealth is expensive but you get what you pay for, building your own " similar spec " machine will almost cost you the same in the long run, but take you months of hard lessons to get there..

    A crystalyte HT motor ( is what electricrider is selling ) can be had for less money at other places, run it on 72v of lithium with a 40 amp + controller on a full suspension frame... that part is not too difficult.

    the battery is what is going to cost you.. 30 mile range is not too bad, 50 miles is a whole other boat. forget lead.. you need to learn about lithium .
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    where i would save money would be on the bike itself, i would opt for lower specs, mountainbikes sell very cheap secondhand and are pretty common around here, so i was thinking id pick up something for less than a grand, spend another 3 on the setup and thats coming in at less than half the price of the cheapest stealth.
    when i said cheaper alternative i meant it, im not trying to emulate them in every way
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    It may be difficult for a 3000W hub motor to cool properly. You normally find that kind of wattage in a motor that drives a chain or belt. I suppose choosing the right controller can minimize or even eliminate the overheating risk. Just do your research so you dont end up on the side of the road with a smoldering motor.
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    I'd stay far away from that BS sales-pitch filled site.. it's a BMC geared motor, yes the BMC motor is ok but push too much power into one and the gears will fail.. go off-roading in the rough and the gears WILL fail... it will NOT outperform an X5 at high power levels.
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    Most people seem to ride 400-500w motors. Maybe you should try a 1000w kit first and then determine if you still need the extra juice. For example, try a non-hub 960w kit from a vendor like www.cyclone-tw.com. If you need more power, you can add a second motor.
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