30cc engine under 200 watts?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Watcher05, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Some countries have 200W limits for bicycle motors.

    At 30cc's, it might just be a intake restrictor though.
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    That's sure a hefty price tag on it.
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    One of the Australian Members posted about increasing the output from a similar engine. I don't recall the name of the thread, or the Member. As I recall, it sounded like a relatively simple change to an electrical component.
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    The only reason why I mention it that all that I've read that realistically speaking, a 30cc motor produces more power than a 200 watt engine, even if it is somehow restricted. If it produced 197wtts of power, it would be hard to get any speed out of it. I though that 200 watts is the equivalent of a 9cc motor?? Not sure but I don’t intend to buy one of these!

    On that not, have just purchased a 48cc motor from Zbox Australia.
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    200 watts, I believe is close to being equivelent to 1/5th horse power.
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    a little over a quarter HP. (746W = 1 HP)
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    You got me loquin at 186.5 watt per quarter, 200 is alightly more. About 13.5 watts to be exact. How will I live down the shame?
    Ha Ha!
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    BTW - in the other thread that I linked to, above, it was mentioned that the sachs version of this engine, the power restriction is achieved by using an ignition cutout, limiting the engine to 3750 RPM. (by replacing the ignition module with the unrestricted version, you could get the full 1.1 hp...)
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    Looks like a great little engine but for the price u could buy 6 HT's.
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    WOW!. That IS pricey. I saw the US version (morini) listed at $319 earlier this week...
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    200 watts is possible with a rev limiter. The thing is, the cops wont beleive you. You are much better off with a 500w electric setup for the price where cops will beleive your 500w motor produces 200w.
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    I recently tripped over this forum while looking for parts for my old Sachs and have some info that might be of interest.

    My very tired Sachs had bad wear in the crankcase where to axle goes through. i hesitantly took it to rotary's factory at andrews(qld) as i was passing through. Instead of 'palm me off' as i expected (because i have a Sachs) they pointed out some benefits of keeping my crankcase when they could have sold me a new rotary case.

    They machined a different axle sleeve to allow for the wear, and even though it cost a bit, it was still cheaper than a new case. i was lucky enough to show up when they were testing my motor.

    I asked can they tell me how much power it has? and the main guy (dave i think) who seems to be more than a bicycle mechanic said he can give a ball park but proper standards testing is much more time consuming, he said the most relevent standard is 'sae J13'.. something..something? it went over my head.

    From what i could see (it was in a booth) the tester was rather simple other than it had some unusual sensors & wires, that seemed to measure 'frame twist' amongst other things, they pointed out power is checked at the rim (not the tyre), because thats the only place you can check output and he quoted sae.... whatever again.

    My motor s maximum output was as 426Watts at 185 rpm with 22nm of torque. they said the official test would be close but offers an adjusted figure for air pressure & temperature?(and the official test would cost $3000!)

    I asked how do i remove the governor, and they said there basically isn't any, but if i de-chrome the bore and modify the ports & piston it might benefit with other mods. He said the efficiency of both motors is deliberatly poor by case design, but the rotary is worse with ports cast different to meet 200w output required with no governor. He said even if i did heaps of carb & ignition mods, the ports still let it down and stop it from revving.

    Now i know why my sachs is faster than my rotary friends!! i generally get 29Km/h top speed with good hill climb at this speed.

    Before posting this i rang dave & told him i was going to, and would he be interested in answering any questions because i'm sure he can, he was a little brief and i was a little disappointed with his reply, he said something like " i'd have to give an engineering lesson to everyone, along with asking them to obtain a copy of sae...bla bla and read it first, then we are all on the same level to discuss".

    He said he will check the forum when he has time, and he'll post atech document on rotarys website which he gave me a copy of, it kind of makes sense.

    PS my sachs is still faster than rotary & runs better than ever!
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    Thank goodness I found the ZBox site and bought their engine. I was looking for an engine so that I could ride a motorised bicycle and saw that engine on the rotarybike website (biggest rip off I have ever seen - $1,500 for an engine like that is outrageous). I'm just wondering if anyone in Australia has been stupid enough to purchase it. I've never seen anyone with a motorised bike using that engine. You can buy a scooter for the price of that bloody thing.
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    Hi Bolton,

    I too am glad to have found zbox. There is another company selling exactly as zbox but for twice the amount; they must purchase them from zbox I would imagine. But yes, that hub is sure expensive.

    I found this article: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/01/1023864711157.html
    This was a few years when it was written but take note of what the EPA say about 2-strokers. I hope they've changed their tune?

    see ya:grin:
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    CDI Restriction

    The SACHS 301/A or Rotary RH version use a Capacitor Discharge Ignition module which sets the ignition timing and has a engine speed restriction built in. Its quite easy to either cut open the CDI and change the restriction setting or biuld yourself a home-brew CDI http://roadrunner.woelmuis.nl/CDI.htm

    I have my bike running at 28 - 30 KM/hr with the modification.

    Anyone intested in cutting open thier CDI module should do so with exstreme care, its easy to destroy it.. Post me if you wnat to know how I did it.

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