30hp hybrid

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Lowell, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. Lowell

    Lowell Guest

    Now this is my idea of a motored bike. I'm not crazy about the styling, and maybe take one of the 9's out of the price tag, but one ride and I'm sure there would be smiles all around.


  2. Those are actually pretty cool, futuristic looking bikes. But the price is also a bit futuristic....:(
  3. I like the tuned pipe!

  4. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    new yes strange oh yeah cool NO! thats what i think
    but it looks strong as .... cant say. now the problem is price the people
    who whant this are not that rich why do we even drive them
    because they are cheap.
    and easy and cheap to fix.
    plus cheap on gas so why would you whant one.
    but if you do you do but if you dont you dont
    thats my brain for you
  5. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    So is this a hybrid as in generating electric power with the motor or driving the rear wheel with the motor or both?
  6. Lowell

    Lowell Guest

    "When pedaled, gas-powered or coasting, Electrobike's unique, electric brushless DC power with flywheel-regeneration feeds excess power back to recharge the battery instead of simply losing it to friction."

    Sounds like you can add some throttle to the gas motor and charge up the batteries. The electric drive can work in parallel with the gas drive when you want to burn rubber :)
  7. It needs a wider seat with more padding and ape hangers would be nice as well.
  8. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Lots of style but for the price I'd buy a Harley.
  9. Lowell

    Lowell Guest

    Agreed, $30k and 2 wheels I'd ride a Ducati 1098.
  10. the 30hp 'racing hybrid' is not real...if you have a look, the engine is simply pasted over the 4-stroke honda one on the other bike, and then tuned exhaust is also photoshopped in. the cooling fins and odd dimensions are a give away on the two-stroke engine, and moreso, the reflections on the stand that are exactly the same in each picture.

    thank god it's fake, because how the 2 stroke engine and exhaust could add 30 grand to the price is anyone's guess
  11. also, even on the standard one....the motor is not connected to the wheels...all the images on the site are not very convincing...

    it seems that they have one frame, which they play around with (different handlebars..) and photoshop engines onto...as well as saddle bags and headlights if you go to the pi shop section....it's all a bit dodgy
  12. RLK

    RLK Guest

    My Spidey-sense says scam!
  13. StreetPlanes

    StreetPlanes Guest

    Looks Photoshopped To Me

    I can't be sure but I'm wondering if it's real. And did anyone take a close look at the front end? The handlebars and front forks appear as if they don't turn. You could ride this bike at Bonneville as it's over 5 miles of straight track and all the turning required would be leaning but to turn a corner on a city street would be really tough.
  14. Lowell

    Lowell Guest

  15. I dont know, it's different and somewhat interesting but after the newness wears off it looks to whack(for me atleast).
  16. Torques

    Torques Guest

    Looks like a LSD trip.
  17. The "racer" with the photoshopped engine has to be a joke. Photoshopped on is a tomos 50cc A35 2-stroke moped engine and biturbo aftermarket exhaust. A combo that would yield about 37 miles per hour and make around 2.5 hp. A brand new engine directly from Tomos is about $450 and the Exhaust is about $80 so I don't know how they came up with such a silly price. Darn shame though since its so cool looking. If they built a real model and priced it at about $900-$1300 it would be a cool bike. Obviously the lack of suspension would be an issue but it would be like rolling art.
  18. toxicmammoth

    toxicmammoth Guest

    cool stuff

    cool design, interesting idea, dig the pipe!!

    but it looks like he stole the frame from a kids playground or something.
  19. vanilla ice

    vanilla ice Guest

    Freeway legal with a 30mph top speed. Yeah.
  20. dbigkahunna

    dbigkahunna Guest

    Lets see, GEMB on the rear, $700, eBikes Crystalyte 48V hub motor on the front $1200 (with batteries) $1900 total and I betcha anyone in this site could get 40MPH or better out of it.