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    Hello all,
    My name is Paul I am a 31 yr old married male from Morristown Indiana. I am currently a maintenace tech but was a butcher for 13 yrs prior and owned my own small slaughter facility for 4 of that. I have also been into fabrication and welding since grade school. My uncle was a welding instructor and taught me at a young age to make whatever I could think up. I recently caught the bug from watching an episode of a prgram on the green planet network where a guy in California was making custom motored bikes that looked like old board racers. I have had large bikes but now I am amazed at the small motored bikes. I am working on a couple to take to the camp grounds and use as transportation to the lake and what not. If I can get my wife into them as well we may make runs to the grocery on them even when we aren't camping, and it may even save me driving my 3/4 ton HD Chevy to work and back...
    Thanks for having me

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    Welcome to MBc, Paul. Believe me, once you build your first motoredbike you'll realize what a big grin generator they can be and you'll want to build more.
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    welcome to the site.what would a 31 year old want with a motored bike?o wait im 31 to never mind.lol
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    Hello and welcome to MBc..there are a few pioneers in this a new hobby for me...good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring...