32 tooth sprocket?

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  1. I've seen people talking about having 32t sprockets, but I haven't seen any vendors that actually carry them. If I could get a link of where to find one I'd appreciate it. I did a search but never seen anything.

    Also if someone has tryed a 32t sprocket I was wondering how well they worked going up hills, and starting from a slow speed.


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  3. Thanks. :)

    I'll have to look around for a good deal but that's a great starting point.
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    Hello, I have a 32t sprocket on my 66cc engine kit. It runs really ( And I mean REALLY) fast. Up hills, it pulls ok, but don't try any hill with more than a 20 degree slope or you will have to pedal

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    i havent tried anything smaller than 36 on a 26" rim.

    had a 33t from a place i worked at, and 28t at one point on a 20" rim.

    28t and 36t are common on the little kids bikes. you have to drill the holes. seen 32t once or twice but doesnt seem as standard.