33cc's will it be enough??

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    ok so heres my idea, my 80cc ht is dead and im looking for a cheap alturnative, i got an old motor scooter given to me, its brand new but he accidentaly ripped the recoil off 2 years ago and then never fixed it, so i have actualy been breaking it in, the engine is mint and the scooter pulls pretty darn good for a 33cc, but im a little on the heavy side and the 6" tires keep disintigrating, plus its degrading for me to be seen riding it and it handless like a mouse on lsd,
    so my idea is to cut the scooter in half and put a post in the seat hole, then run it to my bike seat and make a push trailor, my reason for doing this is its a 33cc mitsubishi engine, i figure a mitsubishi engine is more reliable then the chinese 80cc ones, http://mefast.com/ENGINE/Mitsubishi/33cc/Mitsubishi_33cc_Engine.html

    im fine with it being on the slow side but my one main concern is that the drive tire will only have the weight of the engine on it, so i will have very little traction, anyone else see any other problems? when i rode the scooter it was quite fast and i have a really good bicycle that weight less than 50lbs so it shouldnt be to bad, and i can peddle with it!

    any input would be greatly apreciated before i go through with this, i will have it done by the end of the week regardless and il post a few pics,

    heres the scooter btw,

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    I think the engine would be fine, and could power you along well enough. Making a push trailer from a lightweight scooter with small wheels probably won't give very good results. I can see it hopping around on bumps. You could add some dead weight to it, but that would slow you down.

    I run a Tanaka 32 engine on a GEBE kit, and it works great. Your engine would bolt right on. The Golden Eagle kit is not cheap, but you get what you pay for. You could get a friction drive kit and use you engine. That would be reliable, but not good for wet conditions.
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    Use the rear of the scooter as a friction drive.
    I have built several using the compete rear end off an illegal, in Az, scooter that got the guy in trouble. Funny thing electric scooters are OK?

    The rear wheel of the bike is just a spacer for the scooter wheel .
    It doesn't matter how big 16 inch ,24 inch,26 inch.

    The first one of these I did for a neighbor is on its fourth bicycle.
    He weighs 300 plus pounds .

    The bicycle parts wear out when you use them everyday.
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