$35 Bicycle Camera ATC2K - HOT Buy at Samsclub!

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    Not trying to boost sells or anything (not sure if it's against forum rules are not), but just got back from a trip to SAMSCLUB today! They have the ATC2K action camera as a seasonal item for $34.76. Soon as I got back to work co-worker and I did two quick videos and it did a decent job for a $35 camera - did much better than I was expecting. A quick search and cheapest this thing sells for is about $76 online. It comes with all the hardware you need to strap it onto a bicycle or helmet, along with 1GB of SD memory. I could not pass up the price. It shoots avi files, and get 30min worth using the 1GB card - can lower the quality for more time (will mess with it more tonight). Just wanted to give you guys a heads up!

    This is a seasonal item and may not be at all the sams stores, but if you're in there take a look and see if they've got it. I'm contemplating on getting another one so I can film coming and going traffic. One of the downfalls from what I've read is that battery life is ~1-2hrs, so rechargeable batteries are a must 2-AA.

    Here's some videos from ATC2K.com.

    Edit: I'm surprised at the price as well, could be a price mistake at my sams (won't know till some others check out stores elsewhere). My receipt lists it as item 407019 ACTIONCAM - $48.71 via their webtool. I'm fairly certain the $34.76 wasn't a clearance price or anything, though maybe they mismarked it with a clearance price - because it was in it's normal location.
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    that things cool
    would think many will be buying those

    take one with you when you ride that thing

    we like to watch MBs
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    yeah, looking on the site u sent its usually $110. if you can get em for the price you said id buy a few and sell em for profit. ill have to check sams next time im there...

    edit: i looked on the sams site and its not listed. that means there is a good chance that your individual store got them by accident. nevertheless i will still be on the lookout. they look too cool.
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    This is the box you're looking for...
    photo 1
    photo 2
    photo 3
    (pulled the photos from an e-bay listing)

    P.S. I'm still not motorized, but <3 'em none the less. My most recent bicycle purchase is a 1977 Schwinn Volare 58cm bicycle (Japanese Paramount), it's going to be my road bike this year (still needs a little work). It's a 25-lb steel lightweight bicycle, and RARE too - Panasonic made them for Schwinn.
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    Argh, it's not available at my local Sam's but if I want to go on a serious ride they have it at another for the 48.71. We put something like it on a Razor and it cost well over $100.