350W brushless DC motor or 200W Crank Motor?

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    I am looking for a commuter bicycle for moderate hills. I am looking at Hebb Electro Glide 500 or R Martin R12.
    I have also looked at a 35cc Robin Subaru gas on a Townie Electra bike.
    Any comments on longevity, quality or ability to perform for any of these?
    Thanks, Jeff

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    Hello and welcome to MBC...I personally just purchased the robin/subaru 6 weeks ago and I can tell you the ease of just puling up at the gas station is a plus for me! Plus I have already put over 1000 miles on it and it's running like a charm! The guys here in Ocean Park all have golden eagle products and my husband has the Tanaka that has over 2000 miles! If the hills are too steep my robin cruises up them with minimal effort...In fact if you know the Astoria bridge in Oregon I was passing regular bikes at 20 on the tallest incline! Good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring...:helmet::whistling: