Sprockets 36-Sprocket for my bike, good or bad?


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1:36 AM
May 16, 2008

Ive found a cheap 36 toth sprocket, will this be to small for my 62cc China-kit- engine?
I weigh only 63kg (10stone). The bike is qutie heavy though (army bike) 26-inch wheel. Will it be able to pull me uphill without pedaling?l
What will the expected top speed be?

The sprocket is for a GARY UNO, MUSTANG MAMBA, but I should be able to custom fit-it for my bike.

Thanx a bunch!
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No answer at all? Nobody who has changed?
Then I guess I have to be the first then....
If you like speed then oh yea.
If you have hills,then oh noes.
If you don't mind walking up the big hills then oh yea.
44t is pretty standard as far as compromise with the Happy Time running a 26 inch wheel. More speed go with the 40 or the 36 like you have.
More pulling power for the hills go for the 48 or the 52 even.

That sprocket in the pic. That hole may be too big for 9 hole drilling,yo.