Sprockets 36 tooth sprocket on 80cc

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by thuginfc, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    will a stock jet black 80cc be alright with a 36 tooth sprocket?
    also will the SBP expansion exhaust give me the low end to make up for the sprocket?

  2. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    36 & SBP pipe

    I have both the 36 tooth sprocket from kings and the Sick Bike Parts tuned pipe. I also got a extra thin head gasket and Wow! what a big difference from the stock setup. I had to modify the pipe a bit, (I trimmed a little more than a 1\4" of to get better high end) but it can really get out of its own way now. My top speed is about 40 mph on the flat and I was not trying to push it much.

    I did note that my gas milage was not quite as good as it used to be but I can live with that(so I only gets about 110 mpg, sigh)

    The main problem I have with this set-up is that I hardly peddle the thing at all I used to have to "help" it get over the hill to Portland but now it go's the whole trip with no strain on the motor. Now I have to ride my bike on the rollers inside if I don't want to look like the MICHELIN man.

    Mike Frye the bike guy :D
  3. zamanakhan

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    hmm i might get the sprocket as well my top speed right now is only 30kmphish but its a brand new engine with only about 25km on it so still breakin it in but even at 30 i feel like iam pushing it too hard. a smaller sprocket would mean iam putting less strain on it at 30.
  4. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    also was wondering about the spooky tooth expansion exhaust compared to the sick bike parts
  5. thuginfc

    thuginfc Member

    also what about pedal clearance with the spooky tooth pipe
  6. 210061741

    210061741 Guest

    I run a 48cc with a 36T and it pulls fine.
    Just remember to peddle a little to start off.
    I run the SBP expansion chamber and it rocks.
    Haven't tried the spooky so i can't say there.
  7. retromike3

    retromike3 Member

    SBP clearance

    I have had a problem with clearance between my crank and the pipe. I routed the pipe under the bottom bracket and it ends up slightly past the pedal near the rear tire . I put a dent in the pipe so the crank just about clears. Fortunately by the time the exhaust gasses get down there there is not a lot of heat. As far as I am concerned it's worth the hassle.

    Its good for my ego to be able to get around this part of town. I live in the Suburbs and I cant keep up with the traffic on my road bike. They did not design this part of town for bicycles or pedestrians, but I can "get by" with my motor bike.

    Mike Frye the bike guy:D