36 tooth sprocket

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    Im having problems with the chain after i put the 36 tooth spocket on . It was too long so i shortened it and then it was not quite right but i had to add a link and a master link which made it too long since i was trying to do away with the tension roller ugly thing. I have ordered a half link from sickbikeparts and hope that will fix it. There is not alot of room for chain tightening with the roller anyway on a 36 tooth spocket. Anybody else had this problem with this size sprocket? How did you fix it? Also noticed my rear axle is bent some and my motor has been torqueing and cocking the motor sideways hindering chain alignment, Anybody else with a drilled frame have this happen? Geeze 2 steps forward 3 steps back lol.

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    Although i haven't had problems with a 36t sprocket, I have learned that 1/2 links are often a big problem.

    They are on occasion too wide to pass through the various areas that the chain runs through.

    And I have also had problems with my drilled mount torquing to one side, simply fixed it by putting gast material between bike and engine then torquing the mount EXTREMELY tight, but not so tight as to strip anything
  3. Man i hope the half link works. I am at a point that its almost perfect just a half link off, anymore and i have to run a chain adjuster and there is not alot of room to adjust chain with the 36 tooth sprocket before its almost touching the other side of the chain. Everything ive touched this week has been disastorous. Going to take some time off and maybe my MOJO will come back lol. I was thinking of building some kind of motor adjustment rod under left side of motor and down to the bottom bracket metal and readjust motor to right side but for now i just put a hose clamp around frame and exhaust and tightened till motor came back up inline.
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    What I did was take out a link and then I used washers placed between the engine and the seatpost mount. Its still a little loose but I can live with it.

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