36 volt 750 watt motor for trike ?

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    I've built a trike, 26" Jaguar with the trike conversion kit now I'm ready to put an electric motor on it, from what I've been reading here I'm pretty set on buying a MY1020 36 volt 750 watt motor for it and hooking it up on the back end between the top and bottom support bars of the trike kit using a 20 tooth freewheel gear next to the 24 tooth fixed gear that goes up to the coaster brake, I guess the first question is will this work ?, second one is what kind of speed and time/miles can I expect from this setup? I plan on using sla batteries for now and it's flat terrain here with me weighing in at 155 pounds or would it be better to go with a front hub motor set up ?, We've got a lot of nature trails around here and thats what I plan on using it for primarily, thanks for any advice.

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    You cant go from the MY1020 to a 24 tooth (if i follow you correctly) you will need a larger sprocket on the rear or you will be putting the motor under more load than it can handle, trust me here i burnt out 2 of the MY1020 48v motors LoL Without running the calculations something in the vicinity of 44tooth size chainwheel would be needed on the rear...Speed wise if you get the gearing right something around 40-50km/hr would be doable range will depend how you ride it and of course how many AH you have in batteries, i would strongly urge you too try another battery chemistry though SLAs are pretty average performance and very heavy...look into a 36v 20ah Lifepo4 pack, check ebay for a seller named Ping he does the best of the 'duct tape' Lifep04 packs...Best of luck...


    p.s might want to consider a cyclone kit too..

    EDIT: i had a quick look for the Lifpo4 'duct tape' packs from Ping and found a 48v 20ah version just to show you what to look for if interested


    The packs a much much lighter and will give upwards of a couple of thousand charges (SLA are dead after 300-400) And the range will be up near the 50km mark with such a pack and flat land riding. Initial cost is more but long term you will save money.
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