36ct 264mm DT Swiss 14g Steel Spokes and Spokenuts 40$

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by DuctTapedGoat, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Simple enough -

    36 count spokes and spoke nuts.

    DT Swiss

    These are new steel spokes and nuts, in very new condition. They have been laced onto a wheel, and less than a week later removed from the wheel. The wheel when built was never put on a bike, so they are practically NIB. The only reason they were taken off is because the bike shop installed onto the wrong hub, which I'm still grumbly about but that's a different situation.

    40 bucks will take the set, that is not including shipping. If you're buying locally and can pick them up in Nampa Idaho, contact me and we'll set it up. These are brand new, and in shop I shelled out almost twice what I'm selling them here for.

    Any questions, ask in the forum please. Contact me only if you want to set up the sale.