39' Army Messinger

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was this an actual war emblem of the late 30"s early 40"s

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  1. I've been building this one for as long as I've been riding it. 8 mo. 3200+ miles
    Really is a good bike don't know what I'de have done several times with out it not several like over 700 trips back and forth to work. A few grade 8 x 20tpi rear and one 5/16 front motor mounts a magneto and CDI unit. but thats cheap.pff I'm a proud owner! HDPT

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  2. KilroyCD

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    The Army insignia that would have appeared on vehicles of the WWII era would have been the star alone. The bar was added to the aircraft insignia starting in 1943, and would have been a solid bar. Ground vehicles kept just the star as the insignia. In 1944, ground vehicles involved with the D-Day invasion had the star surrounded by a white circle. In 1947, a red stripe was added to the center of the bar on aircraft, splitting the bar much as it appears in your photos. I hope this has been of some help.
  3. Dude you are the KillRoy. Thanks Bud. Ooh nice Bike in the Thumb Nail next to your name!
  4. KilroyCD

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    Thanks, it's my Whizzer NE5. You can check out more pics of it (and my other bikes) in the photo album section. http://motoredbikes.com/album.php?albumid=26
  5. Nice Bikes Bud

    Is that NE5 A Whizzer frame or Schwinn Heavey Duty Looks like my new project 60"s Heavey Duti with a Crown Fork of sorts. Awesome man.
  6. KilroyCD

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    The frame is a Whizzer frame, but their frame is very similar to the Schwinn cantilever frame.
  7. K

    I was'nt sure if they had or even made thier own frames or not. I was gonna say that either the crown fork was higher or the rear end of your frame has a slightly different pitch. Thank you
  8. Broke an axle in the Airforce Messinger. The back one. Replaced it with a solid one. Ida just used the chrome rim it came off of but I like the Araya green anodized Rims I've got on it so I just adapted the solid axle. This GT Tequesta is the best bike..Man. Oh I replaced the Crank arms and rings last night too. all Factory black.

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  9. No to Solid axels

    The quick release is so high of carbon content that there is no give the solid axels move and go back to where thwey bent from but this is a problem due to the fact that the bearing to cup alighnment is pinching your bearing into the top of th ecup. wears out fast dont recommend the solid axels and dont recommend keeping bearing cages go down to your local bikeshop and buy enough of the same sixe bearinggs and take the cbearings out of your cage and add the new ones til you run out of space.