3rd build wifes bike

3rd build another schwinn full suspension, wifes bike on the right.


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I almost had my wife sold on that type of set up. 200mpg and 35mi range?:confused: Ar those gas cans feeding engine directly or are they tied on to fill stock gas tack?
THe cans r feeding directly to the motor, 150+ mile range. 2 of the bikes can run 50+ mph.
Over 50 mph? Wow, scary! Are those 2 stroke engines?
Yes 2 stroke motors, gp-460motors 4.5 hp ,x-can mufflers only because the stock muffler blew exhaust at my seat, had to put lighter springs in clutch stock springs suck! engaged at 8,000 rpm now engages at 3,800 12 guage spokes is a must!
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