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    After spending A LOT of time all over these forums learning about things I needed to build 4 bikes over the last 2 months I decided to finally register and thank everyone for providing such useful, helpful info. My first build was a Genesis Onyx 29er with a 66cc engine, and without the information I found here I probably would have given up & left it at that. That bike turned out very nice, and the guy I sold it to loves it. That made me happy so I decided to build more. Next was another Onyx & a Huffy Cranbrook. I did the 2nd Onyx first, and it was great to see how much I learned & applied it. The build went so smooth. Next was the Cranbrook, and that was finished in under 5 hours. I thought I missed something when I was all finished because it went together so quick & smoothly. The 4th bike I did was a Schwinn S1 - that was for a buddy of the guy who took the Cranbrook. He saw his friends & called me the next day.

    So now I'm motor-bikeless. I have a Rocky Mountain mountain bike that is going to remain pedal-only, but I want to make more of these motored 2-wheel fun machines! I have a few engines arriving this weekend, and although I'm not sure what some of the builds will be I do know what I'm building next. I just picked it up tonight. After searching here, Google & everywhere else I did not see any signs of this bike being built up. I found it quite sturdy & simple with plenty of room for the engine in the frame. It's got some unique tubing challenges, but it won't be too difficult to work with.


    I'll post pics of it when I get the engine for it. Thanks to everyone here for all of the info & advice. Hopefully one day I'll be able to contribute a bit as well.