4-Cycle Engine Break-In or Engine Damage?



8) bama, you're right, i AM carrying too much gas. i filled up for the first and only time 12 days ago, probably burned and spilled less than 16oz. so far. being a newbie, i guess i just wanted to make sure i didn't run outa gas.(go figure the logic, the gas station is 200 steps from my front door. i could HANDCARRY or push, or pedal my bike there if i ran outa gas. :eek: )
lemme see:160mpg/gallon. 1 gallon=128oz. my tank=96oz or 3/4 gallon.if 3/4 of 160 mpg=120 miles per tank, that'd be 12 days driving to/from work. therefore, 3 days' worth of gas=1/4 tank=24oz.=3/16 gallon. at $3.20/gallon, it amounts to 60cents, or $1/week.
now if i could persuade my wife to ride to work on a motorized tandem bike and save $5-something/week.......nah. :D
bama, i'm computer-camera illiterate. when i learn how, i'll post pictures. the 96oz tank can be seen on STATON'S website.



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Sep 30, 2006
My tandem build fell through, the ONLY red 7 speed Sun was on the west coast, woulda taken J&B $150 to freight it, cuz it exceeded UPS size limits.

Instead he got a regular red 7 speed, sitting in the shop waiting for UPS to deliver some engines tonight....

Anyway, you COULD get a tandem, big Wald basket, fat saddles & ride it solo for the hour waiting for her, then whoola.

Surely you could kill an hour on a bike in Paradise to save those petro dollars....

Heck, you could operate a taxi service during that hour, charge a co-worker a dollar for a ride home, one ride and you are talking PURE PROFIT. :eek:


friction drives

well lots of experience here,its all about the depth of the drive wheel on your rear tire.i always used maxxis worm hook tires there sticky as all get out and reasonable 28.00?make sure your roller wheel is trued on the rear wheel.stand behind bike and look at the drive wheel,is it straight?even a little sideways im talkin very little will effect performance.make sure your cage which holds the drive wheel is tight and straight.sometimes gunning your throttle will stop the clutch from working properly,i always used 3/4 throttle.just adjust your drive depth a couple of times and test ride for best results.if its to deep your bike will feel like brakes are on too loose and no acceleration.good luck with your scrub drive..ow ya always use above 35lbs in rear tire the less surface for the drive wheel makes better power,easier on motor and clutch to.you dont want the drive roller digging through rubber to push it.


:cool:Here's the latest:
there is no damage. in fact, the engine seems to be getting stronger. i also lowered the idle, which lessened noise and vibration during coasting and at stops.
i went for a 25-mile drive today, and bought 50 cents' worth of gas on the way home. it rained in certain locations, but the friction roller only slipped for a second or two.
i spoke w/David Staton yesterday. he said the chain drive kit he's shipping me should be 100 times better than the friction drive. that's hard to believe, because the friction drive works very well for me.;)