4 g drive sprocket

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    Sold a bike with the new 4Gkit from BE.com..(birddog) customer says the drive sprocket on the gearbox is jumping & causing the chain to come off the rear sprocket...says chain is tight & tensioner is ok.....anyone ever had this problem???

  2. dougsr.874

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    Well, I'll reply to myself..customer finally brought bike over yesterday.....chain tensioner was out of line with rear sprocket......had my doubts about his story from the get go.....nothing wrong with drive sprocket
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    The Pre-2015 solid 100T pulley 4G system with 12T freewheel sprocket work well, but there is another option that allows you to move the output sprocket anywhere you want along a long shaft for easy front and rear alignment but the tensioner is something else.

    As you know, the bottom travel needs to match the top, and a poorly placed tensioner will mess that up.

    What some builders don't understand it is a 3 parts system to get a wheel centered uder the chain where it needs to be.

    The long part can go inside the chainstay or outside, and the tensioner wheel can be mounted on either side of the long piece.