4-stroke 49cc 4G Pantera

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    I usually build by custom order, but some builds always fit a common need so this is one of my 'cookie cutter' builds I start with as base.

    Bike: Micargi Pantera 7S Steel Frame.
    Front Brake:
    V - Rear Brake: V that pass the 'wheelie' test.
    Motor: 4-stroke HS 142F-1G 49cc tapered short shaft and clutch attached.
    Transfer Case 4G 5:1 T-belt with dual bearing supported clutch bell and solid 100T secondary with 12T freewheel #415 output sprocket.



    Besides setting the valves to .04mm intake and .06mm exhaust it also sports:

    New freer flowing exhaust.
    NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium spark plug.
    Modified 'easy use' choke lever (info later on this mod).
    Smooth 'snap back' throttle with functional kill button.
    BMX Foam grips.
    Back Rack.
    HD Tubes and Liners front and rear.

    Good V brakes that pass the wheelie test...
    That means rolling a bike and pulling the brake lever and have it lock so the bike goes up as you pull.
    This means rolling forward for the front, backwards for the back.
    Pull the lever and the wheel should lock and the lift the rest of the bike.

    This design is for people that would rather drive their 30+ miles a day in a car than ride a bike, but have to bike for transportation freedom.

    7-speeds of pedal help if you need it.
    It will run all day in 115F temps on regular gas.
    Pull start and automatic clutch.
    Quiet operation.

    So ya, this is one my 'cookie cutter' builds but what the heck, it is a pretty 'bullet proof' machine for the guy that just wants get around with some speed (they do 30mph) with the least amount of hassle before he can drive again.