4 stroke 49cc engine f/m kit on Ebay

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by andyszyd, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. andyszyd

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    Direct from China $289 shipped.

    Is it Hua Szeng engine or some other beast?

    Has gear reduction looking like chain driven 3:1 or something like that.

    Ebay # 290337483935

    Anybody tried it or has an opinion?

    I am putting this one on the back burner, waiting for Harbor Freight engine for my first project.

  2. mmachine

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  3. andyszyd

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    My thread is not about boygofast, if you bothered to check the listing you would notice.
  4. MotoMagz

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    Same as boygofast

    Hi, MM is right it maybe sold by someone else put it is the same kit/gearbox.Stay away, MotoMagz
  5. HoughMade

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    mmachine knows what he is talking about. Look what he linked to and you will see it is the exact kit you referenced whether it was sold by the same seller or not. We love to help people out here....but that is not the way to thank someone who was just trying to help you.

    If you want an in-frame 4 stroke, the more reliable kits are these:



    They are more expensive, but much better as well. The engine in the kit you referred to is good, the gearbox- not so much.
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  6. andyszyd

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    Ezmotorbike is not on the market yet, they promise... promise, who knows when the'y deliver, very vague info about this kit.

    I am a newbee here but I do my homework, looking for accurate info. That's all.
  7. mmachine

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    I did check the listing, you didn't check my links.
    Apples to apples.
  8. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    Sorry,this post should be addressed to:


    I did check and I did READ your links, did you read about www.ezmotorbike.com you recommend?
    EZMOTORBIKE.COM has nothing to offer at present time, they do not provide any usable info about their kit and their mysterious "revolutionary" kit may never see light of the day.

    I am looking for useful and reliable info, not pie in the sky.
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  9. HoughMade

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    I guess I have seen so many people posting about using the EZM, I assumed it could be bought somewhere at this point. I'm not partisan of the EZM, but I have seen the inside of the box (pics are out there somewhere) and it is nothing spectacularly advanced, but it is elegant in its simplicity. I understand the main EZM website doesn't help much...or at all, but from it you can find info about the dealers. Maybe your closest dealer would have some info. about availability.

    As for what bike-motors sells, I have a Stage II Grubee Skyhawk on a Honda engine- didn't get it there, but it has the same internals as the Stage III they sell and I like it.

    The other option if you are a mechanically inclined tinkerer is to get the kit you linked to above, but be prepared to work on it. It would probably work OK out of the box for a while, but it has issues.

    Good luck!
  10. andyszyd

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    I did read your links, I never asked about boygofast, I know boygofast is a jerk, he never answered my questions that saved me from buying anything from him, besides he's got bad reputation on this board anyway.

    My original post was was about another seller kit which may or may not be similar or identical to boygofast kit.

    I never compared a kit to another kit or apples to oranges as you imply.

    If there is confusion here, it's surely not my fault.
  11. moondog

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    I clicked the first link then clicked on the first 4 stroke kit.


    Then I read the review at the bottom. Ouch !
  12. HoughMade

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    Yep. I have no experience with the 4th Gen. belt drive, but the Stage III, being like my Stage II inside the box- I recommend.
  13. moondog

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    Still some bugs in the new setup maybe. The seller putting that review on the page does give buyers a heads up about the problem. :thinking:
  14. mmachine

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    The kit you reference is IDENTICAL to what BGF sells, part for part.

    You asked for help, I offered but you somehow think buyting that kit
    from a different seller is going to give different results.

    Whatever, I tried, good luck.
  15. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    That was my original thread: quote

    Direct from China $289 shipped.

    Is it Hua Szeng engine or some other beast?

    Has gear reduction looking like chain driven 3:1 or something like that?

    Ebay # 290337483935

    Anybody tried it or has an opinion?

    I am putting this one on the back burner, waiting for Harbor Freight engine for my first project.


    I wanted to know if this is Hua Sheng engine which is supposed to be of decent quality, I never asked about quality of this kit as a whole or other kit like this, cause I know they're all junk.

    Nobody answer my first 2 questions, instead you guys are beating the dead horse implying that I want to buy anything from boygofast (I am not, he never answered my questions + he's got bad reputation here) or
    "...You asked for help, I offered but you somehow think buying that kit
    from a different seller is going to give different results".

    LOL! I never thought of that! What an imagination.

    Then I got useless links to other sites, one selling junk HT kits at inflated prices, another link to a site which has nothing to sell so far.

    You guys all sound like a spiel titled: "Saga of frustrated HT kits buyers".

    I,ve been fortunate than I found this site before I bought my first kit which would have been most likely HT junk if I did not get some education here.

    But I now better now. I want to RIDE THAT THING! Not to play with it. Right Mountainman?

    That,s why tomorrow I am buying HF engine + BMT kit, as I m e n t i o n e d in my original post, also Subaru 35 for future project. Want to get my hands on both 2 stroke and 4 stroke quality stuff.

    Read the original post guys before you answer or refer to it.
  16. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    ... that would be post #5.

    This you would have learned by following mmachine's link he posted in post #2

    Also, you would have learned all manner of info about the HS engine if you had followed that link to here:


    Now, if the information you got was not to your liking, sorry about that. For some odd reason we wanted to point you to as much info. about the kit you referred to (but could not be bothered to post a direct link to). More than one person went to ebay and searched for the item you posted about just to figure out what you were talking about so we could help you out. Sorry about that too.
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  17. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    Still beating around the bush?

    I got all info I needed on other threads of this forum without hassle, misinformation and bombastic lectures.
  18. azbill

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    LOL...I guess I have 2400+ miles on my 'vaporware' EZM LOL
    you asked a question and didn't get the answer you wanted ???
    the EZM has been available since late April/early May,
    why would you say you did your research and be so insulting to others ???
  19. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    EZM is available? Or still in prototype stage?

    Production started? Pictures, specs, prices please.

    Your website has dealerships available, no retail sales:

    Click on: http://www.ezmotorbike.com/ that's what you get


    Dealerships are AVAILABLE. Get in on the GROUND FLOOR of what promises to be a BIG WINNER!!

    IT'S HERE!

    You waited for it, and your wait will soon be OVER! The new Q-MATIC EZMotorbike HAS BEEN BUILT! SEE IT...Click HERE!


    "your wait will soon be over!" - That says it all.

    You are insulting averybody's intelligence saying the EZB is available, I am not interested to be a dealer, neither are most of people visiting your website.

    Are you a dealer riding the prototype?

    That's fine, but your website does not offer any products for sale.
  20. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    you, sir, are obviously not interested in learning anything here,,,,why are you wasting our time ???
    if you had done research like you said, you would know that ezm isn't trying to be a 'send them the kit and then forget them' kind of operation,,,you buy from a dealer and get personal service from them
    the price has been posted numerous times as well (MSRP $650)
    it is not my website, I have a kit, and my observations are my own

    just like my thoughts on your intelligence (or lack thereof)