4 stroke bicycle projects

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  1. rambomert

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    hi friends my projects as I did in the picture what do you think you
    engine= fully automatic 4stroke 100cc atv engine
    type= off road

    Waiting for your thoughts

    photoshop projects

    translate= google translate

  2. Bzura

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    Have you built it yet or still in the planning stages? You definitely want to consider rear suspension & a jackshaft shifter kit if you're going to be running that much power off road. That seat on a hard tail is going to be a jackhammer on you.
  3. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    I'm at the stage of planning. I now use the bike 66cc .

    I will use this seat
  4. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    I wonder if this kind of form Does wearing a bicycle from the engine
  5. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    now in the planning stages.
    I use the bike 66cc bicycle.
    I will use this seat
  6. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    Can anybody help :confused:
    help me
  7. rambomert

    rambomert New Member

    What is your opinion
    Is there anyone

    This will be the rear brake

  8. Bzura

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    V Brakes are good. You going to keep the disc brake on the front? You definitely want front brakes.

    Will you be re-welding the frame to accept the engine?