4 Stroke Bicycles-Direct.com Kit & Clutch Questions

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by ZebraMotorBikes, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. ZebraMotorBikes

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    Wondering if anyone here has done the following;

    Taken a 4 Stroke Kit (GruBee or Bicycles-Direct.com) and used a manual type clutch on the left of your handlebars, to directly engage the chain to the sprocket?

    Anyone have a way to start these 4 cycle engines without a pull start? Pedal start is what I am going for, but anyone do electric start?


  2. HoughMade

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    Not that I know of...and since a centrifugal clutch and a manual clutch work in very different ways....it would be a real feat.
  3. ZebraMotorBikes

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    Yea, I was wondering if someone actually put a direct drive on it with a clutch, and ditched the centrifugal clutch all together>... :)
  4. 4-stroke alternatives

    Hi Zebra, in the next month or two, I will discuss the release of the new Silent Power Drive. BUT untill we've finished field-testing the 6 we are building, I'll not comment, only to say we are at work.

    We are looking into a Patent, for a clever use of components. Time will tell.

    BTW you cannot simply chain up the engine, and expect the Fairy Godmother of Motor Bicycles to provide clutching action. When I first read your post, I was uncertain exactly how you intended to clutch the system, being a chain on the engine. Actually I'm still uncertain.

    Pedal sarting on the Honda seems to be a bad bet at 10.5 to 1 compression. It seems the little HS runs 7.5 to 1, and that would account for the difference in HP. I don't think pedal starting is clear in it's future.

  5. HoughMade

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    I suppose that to some, the look of the engine shroud is the reason they want to ditch the pull start. However, the shroud is necessary to direct air flow, so I think going without it is a bad idea.

    Other than getting rid of the shroud, I see no reason to go away from the pull start- but the great thing about his hobby is each person can make their own vision a reality.
  6. Irish John

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    A manual clutch with 3 gears woiuld be nice but it would take up too much room. My guess is that we'll see bikes being made like the ones from the first half of the last century designed as motorised bikes with proper lights etc and everything specially designed from the ground up. I also think they will come from Europe and the US and not from China. It's just a matter of time for demand for a reliable purpose made bike to pick up.
  7. lookbiker

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    i have been successful pedal starting my 4 stroke (honda 50). it's not easy and takes a few cranks but it is far from impossible
  8. Irish John

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    Have you been doing this because your pull rope broke or because you tried it as an experiment?
  9. HoughMade

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    I'm curious too....can't have a centrifugal clutch, I'm assuming.
  10. POPS

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    My first bike was a 1965 Honda 50 cub with A 3 speed automatic and a broken kick starter. Run beside it pushing for all you got in neutral and jump on and slam it into gear and away you go!!!!!!! Man I miss the good old days.....POPS