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    Bit of a long story ahead but I.m having problems with my motor and could rely use some help. I was coming back from the MAB rally in lebanon yesterday evening and was going up PA 192 that has a slow genital rise all the way to the top of the mountain. I was peddling most of the way (12 miles) and was just about to the top when the engine cut off suddenly. It was a bit odd but I assumed it was out of gas as that can happen every 30 mi or so. I refilled the tank leaving the bike up on the center stand. I went to start it again pulling the start a few times before the engine kicked in at top speed (I had acsadently left a pice of wire tied around the throttle). The back wheel kicked to life spinning very fast. I disconnected it as soon as I figured out what was going on and took it off the stand before starting it again. I got back on the bike at the top of the mountain riding down with the engine off. Once i got there I restarted it riding along some small country roads. farther I got the more I figured out there was something wrong the power was cutting off and almost spluttering every hundred feet or so getting less and less power each time a few miles latter I decided to stop and let the throttle off. as soon as I did the engine cut off and died down. I tryed to restart it and couldn't. I choked the engine and pulled the string and it fired up and kept going, then I put the choke down and it cut off again turning off completely. I have no idea whats wrong with it but if anyone dose let me know I could very much use your help.

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    Honda GX35 I'm afraid, anyone have any idea if the same problem is still prevalent. Its on a GEBE Kit as well if that helps.
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    You have trash in the carb I had the same problem. You take that carb apart take pics each step of the way to put it back together right. Check the diaphragm for tears or rips. Only other thing I would check is to run it with the cap half tightened and if it runs good then the cap isn't venting properly. Check your fuel lines for cracks or kinks.
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    darwin is right. Make sure you blow out all the passages with an air hose. Your mouth won't work LOL I've tried it.
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    i, myself, reckon this may be the problem...:jester:

    huasheng carb, pretty easy to strip and clean, do take care with the low speed jet, when reinserting as the o-rings tend to get caught up and ruined.

    friends current issues of spluttering and coughing are all pointing to a low flowing fuel tap...worth checking ;)
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    Yea those orings are a pain in the butt, helps to lube them when installing.
  8. KCvale

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    Have the same prob on this new build today, checking easy stuff first and it's out for a test run but if it's not perfect I pull the carb and use air to clean the jets.

    Thanks for the tip as despite 7 or so HS 49 builds this is the first one with this problem.
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    Fantastic advice thank you everyone. Unfortunately I needed it fixed now so I took it to my local small engine shop. 70 bucks and some hi octane carb cleaning fuel latter it now runs... but the problem is still persisting with me having to leave the choke on for a few moments after stating or the motor dies as soon as i turn it off. It also seams to be shaking and running a bit more loud then normal with less power. Its also taking me 5 or 6 pulls to start it when before it almost never took more then one. Am I being nit picky? or should I return and demand it fixed?
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    That Honda should purr like a kitten at idle and roar like a lion when throttled. Take it back and get it fixed right if it were me. What did you get for $70, the problem is still there. I'd expect results for that kind of charge on a small engine.
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    i cant see any nits being picked. $70, and its still a coughin? pffft.

    over here we have something about consumer rights. you require either the service to be worth the price charged or at least a refund if the service is in some way faulty...

    oh. i see its a gx35. diaphgram carb.

    once again, you tear em down and blow em out em and they run fine again. dont touch the needles in the barrel unless you know exactly what your doing! really you should only need to undo the four screws at the base, carefully split all the sections, very carefully... watch the diaphgrams dont stick and tear, take note of any springs and which way is up! and give it a good wash in methylated spirits to soak away any water, then petrol/kero. check diaphgrams against a light for holes.

    but for this lil issue, im inclined to suspect pump issues. anything thing from the primer bulb deteriated, to a bit of gunk in the filter, to a drop of water.

    it really should take you ten minutes once you have the carb off!

    octane boosters dont do anything unless the motors worked enough to require them ;)

    fuel cleaner may work on multi cylinder car engines with a few shellac deposits due to age, but wont do much if you got a lump of bark stuck in the needle valve!
  12. KCvale

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    Found the prob on HS carb, just blew out the idle jet and she ran great up until it started leaking fuel. I've build half a dozen or HS/4G kits and never had a single problem but this one has a time consuming nightmare.

    The carbs are only $28 at gasbike so I figured I'd just expedite a replacement so I can deliver this new build and they are out of stock!
    I e-mailed them but I know how that goes, anyone know where I can score a replacement carb ASAP?
  13. KCvale

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    Just a note on gasbike and the HS 49cc carb problem, they are shipping me a free replacement before this bad one even gets back, that was friendly of them.
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    And the hits just keep on coming. Rode to work and back yesterday (because I have no other way of getting there) bike started sparaticly then about 200 yards into my ride started running perfectly, still a bit of spluttering, but plenty of power almost got up to 30 going down a slight grade. are all my problems solved or have a caused more? Thanks for all the advice, just wondering if you guys are talking about a can of compressed air to blow out the carb or if I need a compressor?
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    If your like me and don't have a compressor a can of air for dusting computers works well. KC I've been jacking with a HS carb on my Honda with an idle issue, found that its important to have both O-rings on the black plastic idle jet sealing properly and the jet clean. The top o-ring was letting air suck in and it wouldn't purr at all. Changed that o-ring and it idled/purred right away.
  16. KCvale

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    Yep, it don't matter what carb it is, all the parts in it need to fit right and play nice together or ya feel it.