4 Stroke + Clutch or pedal start?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by ZebraMotorBikes, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Wondering if anyone here has done the following;

    Taken a 4 Stroke Kit (GruBee or Bicycles-Direct.com) and used a manual type clutch on the left of your handlebars, to directly engage the chain to the sprocket?

    Anyone have a way to start these 4 cycle engines without a pull start? Pedal start is what I am going for, but anyone do electric start?


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    I could very well be wrong, but ...

    It appears you are trying to sell a domain ... is this correct?
  3. ZebraMotorBikes

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    Nope, not trying to sell a domain... where would you get that?

    Just looking for some info to upgrade my bike, sick of the centrifugal clutch. :)
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    Bicycles-Direct.com is for sale. I thought you might own the domain name. Guess I will contact them directly, thought if you owned it I could get first hand information. There does not appear to be any information there about Bicycle motors currently.

    Hope you find the information you are looking for. I know way to little to be of help.