4-stroke direct drive to ŗear wheel?

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    I'm 200# with a steel frame cruiser, I was looking to do a 4-stroke buikd with a 100cc HF motor with no reduction drive, jackshaft, etc...

    I've seen some bikes with this build, but am wondering about clutch longevity.

    My other option is a gt-5 2-stroke. But looking at the extras i woukd need like mikuni carb & upgraded ignition, the price is basically the same as doing a 4-stroke build if there's no gear box.

    Going to utilize a hub mounted sprocket either way. Could I run a 100cc directly to a 44tooth+ sprocket safely?

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    If you don't want to run a jack shaft for reduction, you could use a belt and sheave.
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    Take a straight line from the sprocket on your engine shaft mounted clutch to the sprocket on your rear wheel.
    How much would your motor be hanging out on the right side of your bike?

    Do you know what your gearing ratio is with, say a 10 tooth sprocket to a 44 tooth?

    You would need more like a 100 ++ tooth sprocket.
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    Look at a Wizzer, they run just a clutch with a pulley to a giant pulley almost as big as the 26" wheel and even then don't have much low end speed before the clutch slips, but hey if you want ride 50+MPH on a bicycle that'll do it.
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    Whizzers do not run one belt from the clutch to the back wheel.

    If you Look at a Whizzer you will see a 2 belt reduction jackshaft.

    The Whizzer rear wheel sheave is not that big at only about 15"
  6. KCvale

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    The point was how big the rear sprocket would have to be to run without a reduction is all.
    We both know this direct drive is folly, just a suggestion of what it would take.
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    With a 11t #35 clutch and 20" wheel on a rear rack, IF you could mount a
    80t rear sprocket. This would give 41 mph at 5000 rpm. (Governor removed)
    Rider would need to do some pedaling on start.

    Speed Calculator For Go Karts and Mini Bikes

    80T Drive Sprocket for #35 chain, Manco 9986
    Center hole is 1 3/8" diameter
  9. KCvale

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    PA190199.jpg PA190200.jpg PA190201.jpg PA190200.jpg PA190199.jpg Hello, I have a beach cruiser bike that I have put a 79cc HF motor on and it works great I love it and get a lot of comments on it. It will go up hills no problem although I do have The pedals I mainly use them for foot support. I recommend using a jackshaft, very easy to install and gets the most of the small engine. I am also 200lbs. The bike will do 30mph easy maybe more but 20 to 25mph is perfect to cruise on. I got a lot of the info to build here on this forum and on youtube. Don't cheat on the build put a jackshaft on. Here is a photo of mine PA190201.jpg Get the Professor to give you the gearing it's easy. good luck
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    A gear ratio reducing transfer case is by far the best route.
    This is my HF 79cc with Q-matic on a 29" Macargi.


    Nice quite smooth operation that will work just as well on 100cc.
    Go proven good or go for trying to direct drive it, you have seen the options.