4-stroke Emarald Shifting Jewel

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    This is my 3rd customer custom build with my custom engine base welded to a GT2-150 gas tank frame using a Fito bikes parts and my 10G long shaft shifting system.

    This time I am using the Fito's 7-speed derailleur system, but replaced the front forks with real suspension forks.

    It rides as cool as it looks at ~40mph ;-}



    Dual disc brakes and clean covered transfer case.



    Here is a shot of the shifting drive train.


    Yes, that is a ball bearing adjustable chain tensioner mount right to the engine base that works fantastic!.

    I have a new exhaust coming for it, but even with just the stock box on it she fly's ;-}

    That's an HS 144-1G 53cc and my exclusive 10G by the way.
    $1500 to the customer but ~$1000 in kit form delivered later this year.

    I have built some cool bikes, but this is #1 for Joe and I now ;-}
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