4 stroke engine

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    I love reading advertisements written by people for whom English is a second language. The eBay ad has:

    "2. Very Speed! REAL 45+ meters per hour !"

    WOW. That beats the heck out of 45 yards per hour.
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    Do you really need a 4-stroke?

    This place has a Mitsubishi TLE43 for $188 and they will ship to Australia, but I dunno how much it will be.
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    It's not that hard to get the engine in Oz but it is hard to get the FULL kit,and it's also hard to get the mounting kit only.If u want a genuine Honda our better-off getting the engine from Staton and the Grubee gearbox with mounting kit elsewhere.MBB Imports(a Grubee distributor) is supposed to get the kits in soon.
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    I havent seen any 4 strokes selling in australia, and the ones i had seen are expensive, the grubee was listed at US$289 + US$179 on ebay, so it would be cheaper to buy direct.
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    i tried mbbimports but look at the price

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    Hi, will be the vmount and a choise of 2 deferent motors a honda gxh 50, or a huasheng 49cc, prise for the huasheng 49cc kit will be $649, regards.

    i left mbb imports email in as it is avaliable on his site http://www.mbbimports.com/
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    Yes.. The...

    The shipping is what gets you. There was a time you could ship Surface by Post anywhere in the world for around 60 or 70usd. Now..You can only ship by Air and the cost is double. around 140usd just for shipping. And that is by Post and the cheapest around. DHL, or UPS is 40 percent more than that. and by the way.. That looks like a Hausing. There are other Asian companies that make this style motor as well. IT is a Honda design and some of the designs coming out of Asia are very good and as good as anything made anywhere. They are bullet proof. They are made for Industrial Use and are long livers. Some come from other factories and do not run well. Make sure you get one from a supplier that backs them. Thanks..Enjoy the ride...
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    AU$649 for a chinese clone....eff Oz...go overseas.
    I got my genuine Honda GXH50-QXA from Staton for AU$370(i bought 2 others for friends at the same time)
    I'm more interested in the Dax's rear mount system so i can't help u with the frame mount kit but send off as many emails as possible...mention MBc.Get the Grubee gearbox and NOT that cheaper figure 8 g/box.IF u find a pretty competative price from a reputable dealer get back to me cos a friend is interested in an in-frame Grubee kit....i was thinking with freight costs it's cheaper to get 2.
    BTW...Dax is right...there's NOTHING wrong with the chinese clone...it's just that i prefer "made in japan" (kinda speaks for itself)
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    hey fetor56
    do you know where i can just buy just the honda GXH50 motor as thats AUD $600 here. whats it in other countries

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    I know the GXH50-QXA(the one with the oil pressure switch) is AU$600 here cos i priced it.I got 3 engines(2 Hondas/1 Subaru) from Staton.
    The Hondas worked out to AU$370/each and the Subaru to AU$260.Thats slightly more than half the price u pay in Oz....WELL worth it.Your probably just buying one so keep in mind it'll be more(freights ALWAYS the killer)
  13. Made in Taiwan to be exact. That said, I'm still trusting it over the it's Chinese counterpart.
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    My engine.
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    hey fetor56
    did you buy rack or frame mount, and where did you get them from.
    what is approx price to australia for a honda gxh 50

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    hey fetor how much did you pay for postage to australia and how long did it take