4 stroke foldable push trailer For Sale

I used to build bikes and sell locally through a local sporting good store. At one point I decided to build push trailers and this is what I built:

A 4 stroke foldable push trailer w. quick release attach/detach w. cargo carrier

I used these components:

Dax (Honda) 50cc
Staton-Inc friction drive
Wee Ride folding Co pilot
Built a custom cargo carrier out PEX flexible pipe, netting and waterproof material

I had a lot of bikes at the time so I put maybe 10-20 miles on this unit.
I took it a local show of when I first built it but it was just one of those projects
that just sat in the corner even though it was a great idea at the time.
I rarely ride any bikes anymore at all as I had a knee injury and other hobbys took over.

This one has been in storage and now I'm finally getting around to selling it because I'm doing some early spring
cleaning and heck someone should get to have fun with it. I consider the entire concept to be a success and it works as I had planned. The custom cargo carrier needs some TLC as some of the velcro glue backing has peeled off in the couple of years (cold winters) it has been sitting.

Mechanically everything is great as I said the motor only has a few miles on it and the friction is Staton-Inc bullet proof.
I think that goes for these Honda clone motors too...very nice. I wanted to keep the motor and put it on my small boat but I figured it would be best to sell it and get a proper boat set up.

I still have the handle bars for the co pilot but I believe I threw the seat away but you could still throw a seat on if you wanted to actually tow a rider. You'll need your own throttle cable as I'm sure I used it at some point.
The kit will still work fine on any bike as I didn't overly modify any parts to make it work on the trailer.

I just decided to hook it onto one of my other bikes with a GEBE on the back for the pictures, I don't run it like that
but I suppose if one wanted to run two motors they could. :)

Here is a Youtube video to show how it runs and folds:

Was looking at my costs:

Engine $250 + shipping

Staton Friction $130 + shipping

Wee Ride folding Co pilot about $125

Cargo carrier about $35

Labor/time/bloody knuckles ha $100's

I'll just scratch my shipping costs, labor and time and sell it for the cost of parts at $540.
No I'll take $90 more off and say $450 + shipping at say $75
push trailer (1).jpgpush trailer (2).jpgpush trailer (3).jpgpush trailer (4).jpgpush trailer (5).jpgpush trailer (6).jpgpush trailer (7).jpgpush trailer (8).jpgpush trailer (9).jpgpush trailer (11).jpgpush trailer (12).jpgpush trailer (13).jpgstaton inc.jpg

The pannier bags are just to show what you could do I am not including them unless you want. I'll take $40.
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I'm curious how he gets both motors synced as to rpms? Ingenious setup, has the cool factor.
While sitting and driving it isn't any less stable and it corners fine. Kinda cool to feel the push through the corners.
When not sitting on the bike it has a bit of more top heavy feel. I recommend when carrying gear to carry it on the right side to counterbalance the offset motor on the left.

In these pics and video I clamped it high on the seat post. I could have put it way further down as the attachment system swivels up down/left right. When doing that it lowers the center of gravity.

Speed: 25mph (20-30) if my memory serves well. It's been a long time since I actually rode with it on and I don't recall testing it. But it was within the range of chinese 2 strokes I was building at that time and I was happy with it. I remember taking time deciding on the correct roller diameter to make sure it would go fast enough and I was satisfied with the results.
Like I said I don't run both at the same time this was just for pictures but I suppose one could if they took time to figure it out.
Or just run one at a time.