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Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by atcspaul, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    with the popularity of 4 stroke engines growing and all the laws changing around the world i think a forum for 4 stroke engines would be apropriate. up to you all of course

  2. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I can see the need for a section specifically devoted to 4-strokes.
    At the mo i'm using a Happy Time 2 -stroke but early in the new year i'm swapping over to either a Honda GXH50 or the new Dax rear mount 4-stroke.
    Specific 4-stroke chat would be invaluable.
  3. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    i have a 2 stroke now also but want a 4 stroke and have spent hours searching for the threads on it. be nice to go to one forum for it all
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    'spaul: with the rise in usefulness/versatility of the 2- and 4-stroke utility engines, i imagine that someday there will be a section for specific engines only. however, we've just barely caught our breath since the last restructuring...and, there isn't enough content about different engines, yet, to justify a move like that. the main reason you're having a hard time finding new 4-stroke info is because noone had any at all until about 3 or 4 months ago...we're learning with you on this stuff.

    so, for now...we'll stick with using the area that covers the entire kit the engine came with (frame/rack/whatever) and at least the same engines will kind of automatically group themselves. note: that already occurs inside rack-mount because of the broad use of universal utility engines.

    thanks for the input, it's a logical future move :cool:
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  5. Egor

    Egor Guest

    I love the sound of a four stroke, my problem is the looks of the weed whacker engines. The other problem is there are a bunch of kits out there that the gear boxes scream and you can't stop it. I have seen the one that Dax is getting ready to sell, sounds good and moves, but it is not for looks, just function, and that is important for someone looking for transportation. I am in this for the nostalgia and the custom looks most of all. I would like to see a 4 stroke in the form of the happy time engine. There is the Whizzer engine kit but I am not ready to shell out 900 for that kit yet. I think there could be a 4 stroke made that would cost around 400 and keep the happy look. I have 20 Honda 50's, one of them is a 59 they will utterly run forever, and they get over 200 MPG easy. So you see this is for fun they are for transport. I have a Yahoo Group for the Honda 50's, if you would like to see what they look like.
    I have contemplated putting one in a bicycle frame, I think you would have to install it in front of the pedals, so you would have to lengthen the bike to get it in. A thought, let me know if you need engine dimensions for a try. I have about 12 spares. Have fun Dave
  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Well said man and an interesting website for the little Honda 50.Seems like all these Chinese pocket bike engines are clones of the old Honda.......if only they were the same quality.
  7. atcspaul

    atcspaul Guest

    thats why i was suggesting to start one now augi. i also have a forum and moving stuff is a pain and time consuming. vbulleten is not very user friendly sometimes. that is why i suggested to start one now and it will save a heck lot of work in the future. you all do an awesome job and love being part of the forum and want to contribute all i can
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  8. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    ok...there's a set of posts somewhere back in the day when we added our first new forums, it was a great campaign of logic from bama' who was singlehandedly carving out the niche for GEBE. problem was he didn't have the numbers yet to back the move, so i suggested that all subjects be preceded by "GEBE:" and that when there was enough of the right content the split would be easy...see the rack-mount area to read some posts by members who work together to keep their info usable.

    i'm suggesting this: if it's a whopper-stopper/honda or clone/in-frame kit you're talking about, start a topic in frame-mount and use "GHX50:" or whatever to head up the subject line. if it's the same engine on a rack, go into rack-mount but use the same "GHX50:"...use the headers right & before you know it the engine has searchable info.

    everyone here can/should be pitching in, it's worked in the past. we'll stand pat until there's enough usable content about specific engines. i won't hesitate to make the move when it needs to be done, and if the headers are neat it will be an easy task :)

    please don't think your input isn't appreciated...it's hard to know our whirlwind history unless you've been here for the whole ride...i have no problem dreaming of a nicely laid out area for specific engines, but i prefer to see how this present structure shakes out first :cool:
  9. mickey

    mickey Guest

    Excellent compromise.
  10. Egor

    Egor Guest

    Hi Gang - I like the way this forum works, I'm an old mechanic and even I can figure it out. The four stroke forum I think is a good way to differentiate between the 2 smokes. I'm having fun and that's the name of the game. The forum builders have done an excellent job, Thanks. Have fun, Dave
  11. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    I think a 4 stroke forun would be great along with a 2 stroke forum and a New user/Builder forum. easier to find what your looking for instead of looking in the general section and seeing a big blur of randoM engine and problem threads.

  12. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I know it's pretty busy at the mo but when u get time can this forum specifically devoted to 4-strokes be reconsidered?
  13. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    would you split up rack-mounted into rack w/ 2-strokes & rack w/ 4-strokes, then frame w/ 2-strokes & frame w/ 4-strokes?? what about a dedicated belt-driven forum?

    i think the forum layout is sufficient to last another coupla years like it is. only thing I would change is the title of the \"New Members.. Get A Link\" forum to something like, \"Too Lazy To Search... Get A Direct Link Here\". the former title is too far down for most noobs to see it as it is anyway, so it should not be limited to just them. plus, if noobs actually did see it, they would feel bad about the implication and just search for themselves.
  14. Winnipeg80

    Winnipeg80 New Member

    4 stroke in frame kit

    A guy I know in china has this kit, 4 stroke in frame:

    1.) 49cc 4 stroke engine with centrifugal clutch
    2) Oversized 1 gallon gas tank
    3) 48 tooth wheel sprocket with spacer rings
    4) Throttle twist grip & matching grip
    5.) 415 heavy duty roller chain
    6) Chain tensioner pulley bracket
    7) Gas tank petcock valve & tubing
    8) Chrome plated muffler
    9) Offset pedal and sprocket pedal

    Is this the sort of thing you are after?

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  15. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Yes it is the sort of thing we were after...chat specifically involving 4-strokes and i can see NO reason why 2-strokes and 4-strokes can't be seperated under their respective headings.Other common areas can be incorperated and used by both.Let's face it,with the vastly growing popularity of 4's i believe it's inevitable.
    BTW...what did the guy in China say about this kit....i've heard that the gearbox is cheap & nasty & that the Grubee is much better?
  16. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Yup... on second thought, I can understand why you would want the frame-mounted section split up into 2-strokes & 4-strokes because of the clearance issues. I can't see the point in splitting up the rack-mounted section, tho.
  17. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Hmm.. I mean we could do some sort of like:

    Drivetrain: frame mount
    Drivetrain: rack mount
    Engine Repair: 2-stroke
    Engine Repair: 4-stroke

  18. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Sounds good,infact anything would be a great start.IF it needs alteration later that can easily be done.
    Any other peoples suggestions??? :cool:
  19. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Looks like a good place to start.
  20. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    It has been mentioned recently that there is a yawning need for a separate discussion group for 4-strokes. It is almost impossible to trawl through the frame mounted eng & drive trains looking for 4-stroke stuff and the 2-strokers must get annoyed at the way it's all jumbled together.
    Surely this would not be hard to set up and the need for it is surely evident.
    There is also a need for separation between 4-stroke rack mounts and frame mounts. Then probably between grubee kits and other 4-stroke frame-mounted rigs.