4 Stroke Gas Leak

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  1. TrumpsGold

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    This is my 3rd build. I did two 2 stroke installs and one 4 stroke.

    Here is the description of the problem. I completed the 4 stroke build including all needed fluids. Now the bike is ready for its first start.

    After 3 pulls it turned over and sounded really nice...then it just slowly fades to not running in like 30 seconds. After repeated tries we realize the engine is flooded. We drain off the excess fuel and try again. Within seconds it is flooded again. Fuel is leaking from the air filter and from the exhaust.

    We thought that maybe after 3 to 5 pulls it was making it flood out. So, we drained it again.

    After each of the times it flooded we stopped the flow of fuel by closing the petcock.

    We opened the petcock and looked over the motor after draining it yet again. After about 10 seconds or so...about enough time to pull the cord 3 to 5 times...without touching the bike it just starts leaking fuel again.

    After searching the posts as much as possible I thought the float may be stuck due to factory testing and leaving excess fuel behind. So, I removed the carb to clean it. It looks flawless. The float was moving with enough range of motion to keep air from going through fuel line.

    Does anyone know what the culprit could be? How can I solve this? If you need any extra details just ask. I am stumped. :confused:

  2. ocscully

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    Carb Float Stuck?

    Sounds like maybe the float in the carb is stuck open? I'd check the float again. Maybe others will have other ideas?

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  3. TrumpsGold

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    The float moves with ease. As it rises the airflow slows to a halt gradually. Someone surely must have some knowledge of what is happening.

    This is a Hua Sheng style motor and carb.

    It is a fairly steady drip rate from the filter and the exhaust pipe.

    It is possible the the screw adjustments are incorrect? If so, how do I position them so I can keep the bike from flooding while it runs? :detective:
  4. ibdennyak

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    I have an engine like that. Trying to remember what the float and needle look like. It's been so trouble free I seldom have to disassemble it. Couple possibilities.....float leaks causing it to fill with fuel, so it doesn't....float. :grin5: It could be adjusted incorrectly. If you hold the carb upside down with the bowl off, the float should be about parallel with the top of the carb. Might have a defective or dirty needle or seat. Definitely sounds like a float or needle/seat problem. If worse comes to worse I suppose you can try to get the carb replaced under warranty, or buy a new one. They aren't too expensive. I know Dax carries them.

    Good luck on your problem, and once you solve your problem, you will like your engine. I know I do.
  5. TrumpsGold

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    I could show you via Skype if it is allowed. Then I can post the findings here on the forum.

    If so...my Skype is zetours83
  6. GearNut

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    I am voting for an incorrectly adjusted float height or a dirty/ faulty float needle and/ or seat.
    How does one go about "Skype"? Pictures are worth a thousand words and this Skype thing could be helpful.
  7. TrumpsGold

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    Skype is a free download...and would be a great tool for helping members of this forum solve things with visual interaction. Once downloaded you create a user name and password. Then just add contacts to your list. Talk and see at the click of the mouse. :grin5:
  8. TrumpsGold

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    I did get some information via PM that I will try tomorrow. :idea:

    Not sure how to adjust the float height...but it was recommended to test the float pin by manually moving the float with the bowl off the carb. Then if the pin has a blockage I will see it right away. Wish there were more hours in the day for this bike!

    Now I have to head off to my real job...:ack2:
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    Sorry that I am drifting off the thread topic here..... :eek:
    Ok, so with this skype thing you need a computer camera gizmo? Sorta like a video conference program? If so, count me out, I don't like the whole idea of a camera permanently hooked up to my computer, even if I can unplug it.....
  10. HeadSmess

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    :bowdown: all hail great aluminum foil and its sensor ray annullment capabilities! :bowdown:

    yes, skype is much like MSN or yahoo or similar... but when the missus heads over seas for a few weeks, it makes international communications strangely affordable...

    how else can you make a five hour international call? every other day?

    um...id talk about carbs but i think the questions answered...
  11. TrumpsGold

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    Resolved carb problem

    It is time for some good news! The problem was a simple one.

    On the carb there are those two mystery hoses (for noobs like me) that are attached when you get the kit. The instructions that came with the kit had me close both the upper and lower hose. After that you would install a gas line to the carb.

    Well, closing off the top one is a bad idea. Shame one the instruction writer for that SNAFU. It serves as a fuel overflow for the carb. In addition, it also allows the correct amount of air to enter into the carb so that the motor will run as intended.

    The mechanic I took the bike to looked over the motor. After taking a good look all around the motor he plucks off the top hose. Then he says "Try it."

    Now it only takes a gentle pull on the start cord and it starts right up.

    The mechanic made a quick $20 and I have a bike that runs! :tt1:

    My thanks to all of the posters whom offered suggestions. :clap: