For Sale 4 stroke HS on Mountain bike

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by mmachine, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. mmachine

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    bike_front.jpg PICT0165.jpg PICT0164.jpg PICT0168.jpg

    Haven't been riding the bike so time to let it go. $600 firm pics tell the rest.

  2. mmachine

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    Forgot to mention that I converted the tranny to a belt drive so adding this important pic.

    The sweet spot for the motor for cruiseing is 26 - 28 mph, top speed reached is 32 mph.
    Runs great. Only has about 30 + - miles on it.

  3. darwin

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    What size drive sprocket is that for the motor on the rear wheel, its massive? Bet that baby has some torque.
  4. mmachine

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    Hey, sorry for the slow response, was out of town and busy et al.

    Keen observation, that's a 56 tooth. Here in Denver, Colorado at 5280 altitude and streets are going uphill
    or down, so ya need torque. The bike has good acceleration and climbs hills like a champ.
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