4 stroke huasuang clutch problems need help

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    i bought a brand new motor off a guy with the chain drive hoot and freewheel sproket output shaft...

    my question is this.. the clutch dosent fully engage so it wont even pull me...

    after i buy it the guy had the nerve to go oh yea they do this.. so why sell it to me...

    ive gone though the tranny the woodruff key is fine for the back gear and the bell is fine not cracked.. the clutch has the tapered shaft and i marked it so its not spinning at all i installed smaller springs so it engages when you just throttle it.. still it dosent hit the bell enough to pull. anyone..

    i was thinking about adding weights to the shoes drilling holes in the steel shoes at the end and adding lead or something heavy so it flips them out...

    but im at a loss... i have a 200 dollar paper weight and seems china sold thousands of them..... and didnt even bother to tell no one..

    so any one have any ideas? or where i can get a clutch that works? ie website etc..... or that i can do to it...????

    the guy that sold it to me said oh yea mine does that too.. i feel like i been ripped off... and he goes oh yea put a harbor frieght motor on and buy a clutch... harbor frieghts only go up to 3300 rpm.... ughh im so furstrated.

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    Sorry, Basically you're screwed....what you need is a Stage lll gearbox, but that won't fit an engine with a tapered shaft....it takes an engine with a 5/8 keyed shaft....I have a brand new never used hoot chain gearbox and clutch if you want to try it ...it will fit the tapered shaft engine....but I am told its a waste of time to even try to use it...I lost about 400. dollars screwing with this ****....
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    i was able to get the 4g belt drive 2010 model from the same guy for another 250 dollars.. this one better work.. brand new so it should... i also got a hd wheel on order the whole thing so im just waiting on that... the motor this guy gave me didnt have hardly any power.. so i pestered him told him ill never do business if he doesnt help me.. turns out i still got screwed 450 is what helio charges

    so i found out these are only like 300 i aint never going back to this guy again... im working with terry from blowbyu...
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    all i can say is...i love owning a lathe :)

    my clutch? half of it came from a 60's mccullogh chainsaw, the other half from a maxtorque gokart clutch... a hybrid :) smooth, reliable, positive...

    cant help ya. never needed no kit :p
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    yea owning a lathe is great.. wish i had the money to get one...
  6. locutus_1

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    problem with clutch

    ok got the problem solved... heres what i did.. so for all you who have this problem

    i removed the clutch shoes and lubed the shafts that they spin on just a little bit.. i tightened them down just a tad before they were so tight that without the springs i would have to force them open.. then i locktight the bolts..

    i installed some 1/4 #35 springs half the size of whats in there.. and sansed the pads and drum ran it and it engages hard now...

    with the stock springs they hardly engage and it burns up the clutch so you need new springs and no one sells them.. so it took 10 spring changes and pulling out my hair to figure it out..

    now it works great..

    i since had to weld up my 4g belt drive the big gear one way bearing i welded it solidly on both sides growned it down and it looks stock..

    so far i put 20 miles on the thing and i coulndt be happier..

    i have the hd hub... i also took a stcok 60tooth sproket cut a hole bigger and welded up the actual 9 holes and cut just 4 looks stock..

    bike specs:
    1 gallon gas tank
    ape hangers
    wireless spedo
    4g tranny 4 stroke husang
    hd axle with custom made by me sproket..
    chorome everywhere
    walmart beach cruiser landmak bike
    slime tube inserts for punctures

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  7. same problem

    i had the same problem with my clutch, the springs were to heavy that the clutch started to burn, i put weaker springs in it works ok now but engages to early so i have to wait for the bike to build up revs, i'll have to find some slightly heavier ones
  8. StoreKeeper

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    How many teeth on your rear sprocket?

    Rx Bruce
  9. there are 48 teeth on the rear sprocket
  10. JackShaft

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    The Stage III is a ill conceived piece of **** that ruins the whole 4 stroke kit.
    The straight gear box would be OK run if it could be run with a few ounces of trans fluid to lubricate it but the clutch needs to be run dry but it's inside the transmission.
    It's a now now win situation no matter what the venders say.
  11. dougsr.874

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    Stage lll gearbox

    From the advice of someone on here several years ago , I use nothing but heavy axle grease in the gearbox.....it has worked well for 3 yrs.