4 Stroke Kit Vs Bullet Train


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8:48 AM
Feb 25, 2022
Loving my 2 stroker - want to build something up for my wife that is *less* complicated. Don't rag on that.

So I was thinking "hey a simple 4 stroke pull start kit" or the bullet train with the electric start.

Bullet train is like twice the price, but that electric start will make anyone want to hop on (not having to deal with a clutch, bump starting etc...)

On the other hand, a simple pull start 4 stroke (or add a pull start to the 2 stroke) might be JUST ENOUGH to make it accessible without spending twice the cash.

With that said - my wife always asks me to come pull start everything for her but all the electric start stuff she hops on and rides off without a second glance.

Really leaning towards the bullet train just because of the electric start.

What are your thoughts?


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6:48 AM
Jun 9, 2021
Northern Shasta Valley
The BBR electric start BT is really wide. The kit shows that it includes wide cranks, but without the extended shaft. The electric/pull start feature looks nice. The centrifical clutch is a nice feature too. It all adds up to a big, heavy beast. Choice of bicycle frame would be important.