4 stroke motor mount


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Oct 25, 2008
Im looking to put a motor on one of those schwinn stingrays. Ive seen some frame mounts for 2 stroke engines but does any one know where I could get one for a 4 stroke or would I have to custom make one?
Hello T-bone... I am building 2 of the choppers... One is a rare adult size that is 1/3 bigger in every direction. It has a huge motor compartment and when you hear what I want to do then it will become evident what I need to to.

But with the small one which I am guessing that is what you have to do there are tough decisions to make.

I am using the Honda GHX 50 and it will not fit high enough to be above the chain unless I modifiy some things. TRy holding your motor with a friend so the chain would be able to pass under it. The importance of this is that the motor will stick out way to far to the left if we can't get it above the chain and stuck out to the right at least a little.

So next I will be exploring cutting out the chopper gusset so I can gain the little bit needed. Today we will go out and try the height. I was late last night when we tried before.

The other idea will be to mount a jack-shaft low enough and run two chains- one in and one out like how they add electric motors to recumbents. This should pull the chain down enough so I can slip the motor in

So clearly the motor mount will have to be made. I am going to make a lighter one and fasten it more times with u-bolts and wooden block bracing. I will run plastic hose arould the u-bolts so I don't sratch the frame.

I have a friend who does all the welding... I could but he is better.
I am going to make a mout that is a whole new floor and wide. It is possible that I am going to need a jack-shaft on the drive side as well to get by the 4 inch motor.

Both of my choppers are three speed internal hubs. My goal will be to runn an idler wheel instead of a Jack-shaft and run the power chain to the 3 gears so I can shift the motor.

On the little chopper I may run both pedals forward fixed to make foot pegs and opt out of pedalling for the 3 speed motor shift.

I just started posting and I got a camera and everything... but I need to learn how to post pics. :cool: