4-Stroke Motorized Bikes Are The Future !!!

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    Hi Gang, Greetings from Silver Springs, Florida !!! I am new to this forum, but no stranger to motorized bikes. I have been riding Honda GXH50-powered bikes for 3 years. Logged over 14,000 miles on them throughout the Ocala National Forest. Rock solid motor, ideally suited for bike use. Please keep me informed of any and all developments pertaining to this fine motor. Especially belt drive systems. If anyone has experience with the new Chinese clone, please clue me in on reliability, power, etc......Thanx !!! Charlie A.

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  2. Mountainman

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    Nice looking MB - noticed you have your idle wheel on the top - drive side of peddles - had a Honda engine like that - sweet - ran forever !!

    Welcome and Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. ottogiro58

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    Thanx Mountainman !!! I will be building a beach-cruiser style motorbike next, and will be following the latest developments in drive trains for the Honda/clone GXH-style motors. I prefer belt drives, and hope that a toothed belt system will be devised for frame mounted engines. Happy Riding !!!!
  4. Otto it looks like a belt pulley on the right side. That a belt drive? Pretty sweet!
    Could you take a pic of the other side?
    Man that must be comfy.
  5. ottogiro58

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    Hi LF, I posted another pic which shows the left side of the bike. The pulley sizes are basically the same as the original Whizzer motorbikes, with a Whizzer 20" sheave pop-riveted onto the rear coaster brake wheel. A toothed belt would be a better arrangement, as I did experience slippage while riding in a number of rain storms !!! Also, a ball-bearing clutch drum would have been great. Rear disc brakes are highly desireable (mine had rear coaster/caliper arrangement). Glad you like it !!! Thanx, Charlie A.
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    hello and welcome to MBc...good luck on your endeavors and happy motoring!
  7. Very interesting and practical design! Is it registered as a moped? I see something like turn signals on the back.
  8. Or that's the gas tank.
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    Ha, I just got your nickname! Keep it ON THE GROUND, "otto", and welcome!

    Mighty fine looking ride, too.