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    :sweatdrop:ive been running my 4 stroke for some time now , and wondering about my oil seal its leaking into my clutch area, is there anyone that carrys oil seals for these? or will the honda ghx50 oil seal work?? im in trouble here.

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    now im in trouble. everything is great except my bike leaves me walking forever now. because NO one has a belt for the 4g tranny, all i need id a belt been everywhere on line. and cant get one. i cant beleive this, ?? if someone knows where PLEASE tell me 114 tooth htd belt made outta china brand name changxing :(
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    looking for an oil splaher for huaseng 4 stroke , it makes the oil spash in side motor , mine broke inside motor,
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    Yur screwed, that part is not available seperatly even on the Honda, you need a new crank, but I would be wondering how that could have broken off.
    oh wait its a wannbe pos honda copy, get a real engine next time and you won't have these issues.:whistling:
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    Oil Splasher

    The last Huaseng I worked on the splasher was also broke. and I didn't find the broken peice anywhere,mmm? Anyway, I just made it myself. and It was probably better quality than the original. The engine is still running today and that was 7 or 8 months ago.
    Big Red.
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    The Link Lever (connecting rod) at this site includes the cap, studs and something called the shift fork which from the picture looks like an oil dipper to me. If that's what you're after, then 19.95 gets you the whole assembly. Maybe that's an option?